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3 or more c sections? Lock Rss

I was wondering if anyone could tell me any info good or bad re a 3rd or more c-section delivery. I have already had 2 c-sections and I guess this next baby will be delivered the same way considering my history.

Should I be worried about anything in particular?

Does anyone know a good OB in Wagga, I'm new to the area and don't know any OB's in the area?

nervous already
My DPs sister has had 4 C-sections, all successful.
During the last one, she ruptured from her previous section, but that was because there was only 8 months between.
She's hyper fertile (she can't have her tubes tied because she would be at super high risk of ectopic pregnancies), and has just found out she's pregnant with No 5, yet again 8 months after her last.

The main complications for her are high risk of rupture, and a history of hospitalised gestational diabetes.
The longer between pregnancies, the lower the risk of rupture.
actually i felt great about it had my baby skin to skin just in a nappy and breast fed pretty much straight away.... my midwife and husband held him across my chest while they were stiching me up.

I think also because its your third you ask for what you want.

I had my baby skin on skin for the rest of the day and then overnight and then the next day.... I pretty much just had a sheet on for two days it was fantastic.....


Iv had three previous c-sections and am having another soon. I didn't find recovery a problem after number three. In fact it was my best recovery. I think ur doc would tell u afterwards if he didn't recommend u going back for another baby and Cesar. Everyone is different and I think it depend on each individual as to how many u can have all together. I have heard of a woman having six,!!! Depend on the person but I'm guessing there is an element of risk to it,just the same as giving birth naturally. That too has it's separate risks. Pity we can't just have a zip put in lol! Good luck

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ive had 2 c-sections. i think its fine. I mean, they have to get the baby out, dont they? The doc did recommend to me though that its good to wait 2 years before having another c-section.
Good thread.. Im going back for my third cesar in August.. it will be nearly 3 years between my second and this baby so a bit of a break and I am getting my tubes done at the same time.
I have had three c-sections 1st in 2006, 2nd in 2007 and third in 2009 and I will be having my 4th in April this year. I have had no complications with either of my pregnancies or recoveries. I actually asked if it would be safe to have a forth when I was being operated on with my third. There is a higher risk of tearing a bladder or bowl during the forth c-section if maybe the scar has healed attaching to either but is still no big problem. The fifth is usually not recommended as it holds much higher risks to yourself not the baby. Good luck

I have had 4 C sections and am currently pregnant with baby no.5. They have all been successful with no complications.
I consulted with my Ob prior to concieiving as I was worried about number five. He advised me that there are risks of bladder damage due to the scar healing and adhesing to it. But he stated this is a risk during any subsequent C section . He stated that they would just have to be extra careful and wary of this.
I think it depends alot on you OB's too some say you should limit it to 3.
Others differ.

Good luck !!

My mum had 4 c sects within 5 years! im nearly 28 and my sister is 23 this year... she survived so im sure itll be ok smile
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