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when do you get booked in for c-section? Lock Rss

just wondering how many weeks prior did you anyone get booked in for their c-sections? ive had 3 before but just cant remember when he booked me in? i had a feeling it was around 4 weeks before your due date?
thanks guys
I got booked in with my last DS at 38 weeks. Was a waste of time as I ended up having a emergency c-section at 35wks 6days.
most of the time its around 36 weeks they book your surgery in, depending on the hospital, because a lot of hossy's now do it after 39 weeks. the one i went to still do them between 38 and 39 weeks (thank goodness cos i was ready by then lol)

Im going public and they are booking me in at my 36 weeks check-up, my friend went private and they booked her on her first doctors appointment !!!
This is my 3rd c-section and 4th baby smile
Good luck
My son was footling breech and they wouldnt book me in till 39 weeks. which in the end was the day after i had the booking appointment... i was terrified he'd come early! sometimes i think they leave it too late lol
I was booked in only 5 days before due, the doctor wanted to aim for 7 days but he was only working 1 day that week. He didn't give me a date until about 30 weeks, although i knew the week.
my baby was breech and I developed mild pre-eclampsia, so I was booked in at 35 weeks and he was delivered at 36.5 weeks via c-section
I 've had 3 c sections now all were different my last bub was born 3 months ago normally hospital book for c section 4 weeks before due date my hospital likes to do them at 39 weeks. Jack my second born 3 1/2 years ago was born at 38 weeks when i asked why the difference between 38/39 weeks study shows bubs born 38 weeks and earlier had a higher percentage of had respitory problems hope this helps best of luck smile
I've been booked in since 20 weeks but we knew from the get go it was going to be an elective. I'm going private in a small private hospital so that probably makes a difference.

Petal, NSW, Mini Cooper 10.3.07

In NZ i was booked in about 12weeks as they knew it had to be a c section.... they chose a date later
i knew right from the start that i would have to have yet another c-sec (num 3) so i was book in on week 18 and had surgeon app in week 28 and it's booked for week 38 being Fri 13th of all days in may.
Hi ladies.
Does anyone know if they book c sections on the weekend? Or does it have to be during the week? Just would be easier on a weekend so I can get care for my daughter and my husband can be with me.
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