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Normal Bleeding After C section? Lock Rss

hey smile its been nearly 4 wks since i had my second baby via elective c section, and im still bleeding quite a bit. when i left the hospital it was going away, and since ive been home it fades out then comes back quite strong at times. when i had my 2 wk post op appointment it had nearly stopped so my doc didnt really have anything to say. he put me on the pill straight away and a couple of days after i started the 'active' pills' i started bleeding more heavily... my question is, is this like a period? ive got pain like period pain... its been about 5 days now
Go back to your dr. Something isn't right. I have had 2 ceasars and have never had this problem. IMO just for your own peace of mind go back and be very specific and explain to your dr what is happening - better to be safe then sorry. Good Luck.
I was the same with my C section. Dr said it was prob my period and was warned that I mite get heavy bleeding. Aslong as there is no odour or clots they werent to concerned
I would go back to your OB or GP and ask for an internal scan to check for retained placenta..
What pill did the Doc prescribe? If it's the mini pill it could be the reason why you've recommenced bleeding. A lot of people experience frequent bleeding with the mini pill, but for peace of mind I'd head back to the Doc for a check.
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