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  5. will they allow me to have c/s second time round??

will they allow me to have c/s second time round?? Lock Rss

Hi Ladies

Just wondering about c/s second time round. I had an elective c/s 2 years ago within the public system but with a private obstetrician. I think it's prob the safest option for me to have another c/s second time round but i will not be having my own obstetrician again due to cost.Will the public system still let me have a c/s since i have already had one??? or is only private specialists the allow you to choose?

Yes the public system will allow caesarians but only if needed. Ive had 4 caesars through the public system and didnt have a problem.
if you have already had one are and thats what you want are you classed as 'needed'?
I think it depends on who assesses you. If your reason is only because you've previously had a c/s then it is not necessarily safer. A vbac is almost always safer than another surgery.
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