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Can I choose a C-Section Lock Rss

Sorry if this has been asked, I am wondering, with my son I had an emergency c-section in a private hospital after a 25 hour labor. Next time around, can I elect to have a a public patient?? What are my rights as a mother who would never want to go through those horrible 25 hours ever again....


yes you can!
I personally think it comes down to the doctor, some will allow you to have a choice, some wont, so just find a dr that will.
Yes you can. I had an emergency C/S with my 2nd baby and chose to have an elective with my 3rd. Both born in public hospital.
Depends on the doctor and hospital and how busy they are.

I was given the choice as there is still a risk having a VBAC delivery after c-section. I only go public hospital as I am a very high risk patient and it's better to already be in a public hospital incase something goes wrong. I do have private health insurance.

Although the risks aren't much greater than they are with a c-section anyway. Actually very little difference. So much so that some hospitals are nolonger giving you the choice.

The only way you can insist on it is to go private again.

yes i did had a 18 hour labour with my son and only got to 2cm so i ended up having a emergency c-section and as soon as i found out i was pregnant this time i told my gp and my ob at my first appointment i wanted a c-section again they never questioned me or tried to change my mind it was totally up to me...only 2 days till my c-section now so very excited!

Yes you can I ended up having a C section with DS1 as he would not come down after 10 hours so with DS2 I opted for CS and they were 21mths apart.

i think most dr's would prefer a c-section over a vbac so if that is what you want to do then mention it and you will most likely get to have an elective c-section.

i had an elective c-section with DS2 at a public hospital. with DS1 i had a natural birth in a private hospital, but because of complications (failure to progress, forceps, 4th degree tear and PPH) my original private OB recommended a c-section for future births. i spoke to 2 different OB's at the public hospital, at my 22 week appt and again at 36 week appt, and both said i could try to have a natural birth if i really wanted to, but if it were them they would have a c-section due to the complications from last time.

so i guess it just depends on what exactly happened with your last birth.

I had a c-section with my first because he was breech. Second one I tried for VBAC, but didn't progress past 5cm, so had an emergency c-section. Right through my pregnancy the Drs continually asked me if I was sure I wanted to try for VBAC, I'm stubborn so I kept saying yes. I think they would've been happier if I had said yes to a c-section. With third one definitely went for another elective c-section. All of these were done in a Public Hospital.
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