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C Section again or a natural birth Lock Rss

Hi all, I am currently new to this site and I was wanting to know if anyone has had a C section with there first child and then was able to have a natural birth with there second. I have been told that you can, then i have heard that you cant as it can cause problems and infections with the old scare. My first child I had an emergency C section, no problems though, scare has basically gone away as it was over 5 years ago. And now having my second child and am unsure about what im up for, if i have to have another C section or can have baby natural. Is anyone able to give me some information on this. Thanks heaps. amanda
Hi Amanda, welcome to huggies grin

I had a c-section for my first. I haven't had a second, but I do know that it's my choice, so you can have whichever you prefer.
Because you have already had a c-section, you could elect to have another, or you could have it naturally if you wanted.
You can have it natural if you like some Dr like you just to have another C-section but my SIL had a CS with her first he was breech and than a natural one close to 4 years later they told her if she went over her due date they would not induce her as it could cause problems so she got her GP to give her a strecth and sweep on her due date to bring on the labour as she really wanted a natural birth.

Good Luck!
With my first I had a elective c-section because DS was breech. With the second one I was determined to have a VBAC. I found out the the Dr's closing you up would've done a report on the condition of your uterus and that would show if you are right to try for a VBAC. Mine came back clear and I got the go ahead for VBAC. They kept asking me through my pregnancy, was I sure that that is what I wanted. Well DD1 went 10 days over and I was let labor for 8hrs before they put an epidural in, at this time I was only 3cm dilated. About 4hrs later Dr came in and said I was 5cm dilated. He ordered that if I hadn't progress further than that by 8am that I was to have a c-section at 9am. The labor didn't progress and it was put down to the scar tissue. So after 18hrs of labor, no sleep for 24hrs I had my beautiful DD1.

You may ask would I still recommend trying to have a natural birth after 1 c-section? Yes definitely, but it is truely up to you. I've had 3 c-sections now and the only difference between them all is that I was totally and utterly stuffed by the time the c-section was done with the emergency one, but my energy soon came back when I looked in those beautiful blue eyes of my baby daughter:)
Hi Amanda,

I've had three kids, the first time I was induced due to a medical problem I have and was given an epidural from the start. I didn't feel a single contraction throughout the whole delivery. With my second, he was breech and I there for had a c-section. I was meant to have another c-section with my third went into labour two days earlier and had a totally natural home birth.(not by choice) The midwife kept saying no don't come in yet, no matter how many times DF kept telling her I was meant to have another c-section. My ob. told me to ring them to explain my situation and that they would tell me to come in straight away.(not the case!!!)

I changed hospitals between my second and third and if number four ever happens, I'm going back to my first hospital! I don't care if it's one hour away! Either that or find a private ob. who will take me(they seem to run a mile when I tell them my medical problem) and finally use some of the private health insurance we pay so much for!

Anyway things were fine. A new experiance for me as I was told that I would never have a normal delivery due to health problems so there was no point going to antinatal classes so I was a little lost! Took them 1 hr to stitch me up when I finally got to hospital. Mind you it took almost that long with my first too.

I had a natural birth with DD. But my friend had a c section with her first and natural with her second. She said that they look at why you had the c section in the first place and also how well you recovered (something to do with how much time has passed). Her first was because of the baby being breech. She said if you get to choose, choose natural because the recovery time is so much faster.
Just thought i'd share my experience.
I'm 20 weeks pregnant with my 3rd at the moment, but had a c-section with my first as she was breach.39weeks along so i didnt feel contractions or anything.
i really wanted a VBAC with my 2nd and my midwife knew that! when i woke up on my due date around 7am i knew i was having small contractions & i went in for my usual midwife appointment on my due date and told her.she did a stretch&sweep and sent me home..around 7pm that night the contractions were increasingly stronger and so i went into hospital. i was fully dialated around 4am and was ready to push..but coz i hadnt done it b4 it was all new to me!my daughter wouldnt come all the way out so they interviend with forcepts and i kept pushing and she came!!
i want another V-birth this time round!!
so dont does happen!!!
hope that helps!!
Hi - My first child, DD, was born by C-Section due to being breech. My second child, DS, was a successful VBAC two years later.

The OB had said he was willing to let me go 10 days over - I had low blood pressure and aside from Group B Strep, no major complications. He did say he was not willing to induce me however (so I did A LOT of walking and ate A LOT of curry to try and bring on labour). In any event, DS was born 10 days early after a 13 hour labour. The OB was very supportive - he delivered DD and we talked about VBACs then, so when I turned up at my first appointment for DS, I think he expected me to ask for it.

My motivation for having a VBAC was recovery - I couldn't imagine recovering from a C-Section with a very active two year hold.

In terms of advice, I think you need to be ready for nervous midwives - the one I got wanted me lying down with the heart rate monitor the whole time. I basically refused and said I would wear the monitor but would stand up. I (much to her annoyance) unplugged it myself if I wanted to move around.

Also, try and stay at home as long as possible. After about six hours of labour, I called the hospital and was talked out of coming in. The midwife I spoke to (she was different to the one I saw in the hospital) said if I came in, there is more chance they will want to intervene. I managed to wait another five hours - we were at hospital a little under two hours before DS was born.

I was very anti-epidural because I was (a) scared of the needle, despite having no complications with the spinal block I had when DD was born, and (cool was worried that if I had the epidural, I wouldn't feel so-called warning signs of uterine rupture. I cannot remember feeling any pain in the scar.

After about 12 hours of labour, I can remember thinking 'I don't want to do this anymore, bring on the c-section', but am glad we kept going. If we have a third, I would chose VBAC again. I agree with the comment made by Nodrog, the physical recovery time is so much faster.

I think if it was up to DH, he would go C-Section, from the point of view he didn't like seeing me in pain.

Hope this helps!
Yes it is absolutely possible to have a natural birth after a caesarean. I had a caesarean with my first as he was breech. My second was the most amazing drug free, intervention free birth. I agree with FlutterbyMum, stay at home for as long as possible if you decide a natural birth is what you want. I was only in labour in the hospital for 5 hours before my baby was born and was 7 cm dilated when I arrived and yet they still wanted to break my waters - luckily nature got in first.

I personally would definitely choose to at least try for a VBAC over a second caesar. Recovery wise it is much, much easier if you have a straight forward birth (I didn't even need stitches but I know that not all births are as easy). But even more importantly for me, I knew that my baby was arriving in the most natural way possible, rather than my first child who had no warning he was about to be pulled out into the world. Bonding with my second was so much nicer too. We had skin to skin cuddles, breastfeeding within minutes of birth, and I got to hold her for several hours before leaving the labour ward and being taken up to our room. After the caesar I had a very quick cuddle before he was taken out of theatre for his first bath (which I missed) and I was taken to recovery for what seemed like forever. I felt like I missed so much with him.

It is entirely up to you, but my VBAC experience was a completely positive one.
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