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hi ladies,
I need some help making choices. I am 36 weeks pregnant with baby boy no.3 and I am seeing my doctor on Wednesday to make all my final preparations for the birth. I had baby boy no1 when I was 18 naturally. It was the perfect, 4 hr, drug free labour. With baby boy no2, He was meant to be the same but he moved around so much that he wouldn't stay in one place even at full term and his cord was below him. After being monitored for 10 days, they gave up and I had a c-section.

this time around, I still have a very active baby that is in place at the moment but i am sure since my last check up, he has done another turn and is transverse again. My midwives have said they wont bring on labour and if I am 4 days over, they will just perform a c-section. They have also said
I will be constantly monitored to check for rupture while having a natural delivery. Honestly, the only thing that got me through my natural was hot showers and constant walking walking walking!!!! I DO NOT want to be in a bed at all having a natural. Also, this uncertainty is doing my head in and I am so close to just booking in a c-section and making the choice myself, but when i do, the midwives are far from impressed and talk me out of it.

I am so lost and unsure of what to do. I want to walk in there and make my own decisions about MY birth but i am not sure if they are the smart ones or not!!!! can anyone give me some women to women advice.


Hi there
If I was you I would be really talking to the doctor wednesday about your wishes and what you want in your birth.
I don't blame you wanted a Caesar if your going to be suck on the bed being monitored I hate the straps on the tummy so they ended up just using a Doppler to hear bubs.
Don't worry abbot what the midwives think of it in the end it's your body your choice and most important the safe delivery of your precious baby boy.
I hope you get what you want and that they listen to you on what you want good luck.
they can use them with you upright and walking around - just stay close to the machine or ask them to use the hand held doppler etc - I guess they are concerned of the risk of uterine abruption but that is actually only about 2%, but still its 2% chance and they don't want you to be one of them.

That said - you can do it on their terms YOUR WAY so make sure you know what you want and stick to your guns - they will ultimately support you - they just like their way on their terms.

I guess ask your dr what the REAL risks are and see what he says and then take that on board in making your decision...


You don't have to be in bed to be monitored - I had wireless sensors on.
Also you can't be induced once you've had a C-section - so if you go over you'll have to have another C-section.
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