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Bub born by emergency c section Lock Rss

Hi ladies

Just wondering if anyone has been in this situation before.

We have private cover with mbf, hence going private for the birth. Bubs was 10 days overdue so I was induced. Labour was going fine after my waters broke, in which after 4 or so hours I was fully dilated and ready to go. After 1.5 hours of trying to push, bubs head would not come down as she had her chin up, so decision was made by doctor to prep for theatre to try vacuum/forcep delivery. If this didn't work, then c section required which it ended up being.

They prepared me for a c section as a just in case, so they could go straight ahead and do it if forcep/vacuum failed.
At no time before or after the birth was anything mentioned about fees for anaesthetist (not even when we left hospital) and lo and behold, we have had a bill for over $2,200.00 turn up in the mail today! It comes down to $1,536.00 if paid before and when I called the office to question the account I was told with Medicare rebate and mbf we would still be out of pocket by $900 oh but we could pay it off!!!

A couple of years ago I had an operation in which I paid to go private (we didn't have insurance then) and the anaesthetist fee was just under $600! And that was for a general! I can understand for fees being involved if this was an elective c section (in which any future births will have to be as doc had to stitch some damage to my cervix), however, this was an emergency as bubs would not have come out otherwise and charges just seem excessive.
Has anyone else had the experience of receiving a nasty surprise like this?
Thanks for your advice.
Yes, I had the same surprise!!

My emergency c-section was 5 years ago but I remember a couple of weeks later receiving a bill for $800 from the anaesthetist. Nobody had ever mentioned it at all.

With my second, I don't ever recall getting a bill but he did stuff up the epidural and send my face numb so maybe he decided against charging me. I never chased it obviously smile

I think it would be nice if was advised somewhere in all the info we receive prior to giving birth.

It's so frustrating and the last thing you want to be worrying about when you have a new born.
After I had an em c-section I only got a letter stating how much it would have cost for the anaesthetist, but it was covered/paid for by the insurance company! I remember thinking then "thankgod we have health insurance!".
I'm with MBF as well and also had an emergency caesar, the hospital I went with was an MBF agreement or whatever its called hospital so there was no gap - I checked with them prior that in the event I needed a caesar there'd be no charges... they said everything was covered. BUT I did get hit with a paediatricians bill for $460 as he attended the birth - had no idea about that one but apparently with an emergency caesar they have to have one there. I was able to claim $210 back from medicare so out of pocket $250.
Yep, we got caught out too with ds 4 years ago. We had set aside some money on the off chance I'd need a c/s but as I had to have further surgery after the delivery I was under for a few hours and it was after midnight. I think the bill was $2500 and we'd set aside $1000 cos that's what we'd heard it would be. Fortunately back then the baby bonus was paid in a lump sum, so we were able to cover it. Didn't get that plasma tv though sad

Petal, NSW, Mini Cooper 10.3.07

I used to work in Private Health Insurance and this mainly happens when the Dr charges over scheduled fee. Do the medicare payment and health insurance payment to them and let them know you just cann't afford other amount. Then ask them would they accept medicare/health Insurance as full payment. If not make an arrangement with them to pay the minimum amount weekly or fortnightly until it's paid. They should accept the amount, but if they don't there are a few places that give out free financial advice that might ring them for you and talk them into accepting the payment. Even if you have to pull out a few fake tears to get what you want. You know these pricks even do this type of thing to pensioners with Private Health Insurance. They see the Private cover and think it gives them the right to over charge. They used to try make pensioners pay $400+ over the scheduled fee. I used to tell them exactly what I told you go back and say I cann't afford it. Most let the pensioner for go the over charge. Sorry for going on and on, but it's one thing that still annoys me to this day about Dr's and Private Health Insurance.
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