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Pain after C-section... is this normal?? Lock Rss

Hey there I'm just wondering if this is normal... I had an emergency c-section 2 weeks ago (they cut me up the middle of my tummy to just under my belly button) and now I get pains nearly every time I urinate - sorry if tmi! - sometimes its really bad and sometimes barely hurts. It hurt like this the first couple of days after they operated and then the pain went away and now its back.
Can anyone tell me if this is normal or should I go back to the dr? thanks!!
I also had an emergency c-section but never got pain like that. I'd get it checked out by the dr...just in case. Better to be safe than sorry smile
I had, had some werid pains after my c-sect and I ended up with a blood clot, but my pain was more when I moved not so much urinating. I would def get it checked out, just to make sure
I never had that type of pain your talking about. The only pain i got is if i bent over too much. I would go and see a doctor cause that doesn't sound right.

Definitely go get it checked out asap. Probably nothing to worry about, but I always say when it comes to c-section recovery better to be safe than sorry.
thanks for your replies! I talked to the dr and apparently its a normal so hopefully it goes away soon!
jordansmum - is there a reason why they cut you in the middle of your tummy...? that's like 30 years ago c-sections!!
I know that cut is much bigger than the small ones they do just above your...hmmm you know what blink so it will probably be painfull longer.
good luck and hope it's better soon!!
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