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I have to make up my mind Lock Rss

Last month i met with a midwife who said that i should be able to push little man out.
Fastforward to today and the doctor said i should have a c-section and told me the risk of having little one normally.
Hubby and i have to decided in the next 5 or 7 weeks what we want to do.
The doctor said do we want to have any more after this one and i said maybe 1 more but that a decision we make in about 2 years or so like we did after bub. He said that be fine.

I'm heartbroken cause i really wanted to have a normal birth and to be told 2 different things i don't know what to do.

Can i have another baby if we decided to have a c-section again?
Plus i'm worried how i cope with bub and little man if i have another c-section.

Plus the doctor ask if hubby was the father i said of course since i'm married to him and he replied well i bet he hopes it's his.

Plus the doctor ask if hubby was the father i said of course since i'm married to him and he replied well i bet he hopes it's his.

Everyones a comedian hey, how rude

Having the decision of a c section forced on you wouldn't be nice. Did you labour with your first c section, as an elective is easier on the body, with regards to recovery, both mentally and physically.
You've got 5-7 weeks to decide, so you can monitor the progress and see how you feel about it then. Of course you can have another baby after a c section. There is risks and there is more chances of complications if its an emergency one, but there is no golden rule that would stop you from having more. grin
i have had both a natural and an elective c-section. i preferred the elective c-section, recovery wise. the only thing i didn't like about it was the epidural being put it, because i was aware of every little thing happening, whereas with my natural labour my contractions took my mind off it. but once that was done, everything was fine.

my recovery period after my natural birth was about 8 weeks (i had a 4th degree tear)

recovery was much easier with the elective c-section. i was up and walking the next morning (it was an afternoon c-section) and by 2 weeks felt back to normal. i did need a lot of help in regards to not being able to lift DS1, or doing washing or vacuuming etc not being allowed for 6 weeks, and not being able to drive for 6 weeks. but DH had 5 weeks off work and was a great help.

I have had both c-section for the twins because it was a emergence and then about 15 months after i pushed out my other baby and i would do that over a c-section any day i was made to pick the twins up from the word go so i had to just get over the pain but they never closed me up right and then i got 2 germs from the hospital i was in there for 2 weeks and for 2 months after i still had to deal with the germ in my scar at home so pushing out the baby any day for me even with her tearing me as she came out. Dont be pushed into a c-section if you dont want it.

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I did labour with bub for 38 hours and after 90 minutes of pushing i was told to have a c-section.

Is the limit of c-sections 3?

It is up to you if you want a natural birth go for it.

I did labour with bub for 38 hours and after 90 minutes of pushing i was told to have a c-section.

Is the limit of c-sections 3?

Labouring before a ceaserean will always make it harder, for the procedure and the recovery. An elective should make recovery better. I have heard some women mention, OBs having said there is a limit on the amount you should have, but I find this untrue. If it all goes well, there should be no limit on the amount of babies you can have. I have heard of women having 5 csection. smile

It is up to you if you want a natural birth go for it.

My hubby worried about the risks. He said he doesn't want to lose either of us.

I got a appiontment with my normal doctor and i see what he has to say.

But i just can't get my head around it. I was so happy about not having a c-section and with my first c-section i did recover well but i didn't have to worry about another child to look after.

Im having my 3rd c section tomorrow and am nervous as hell!!! I had an emergency caeser with my first and chose to have an elective with my second, part of me regrets that I didnt at least try to have a VBAC as now I have to have a caeser this time.

You've still got a while to think about it, maybe do a lot more research and see how you feel then.

I believe in the past it was reccommended for women who have had c-sections to have c-section with subsequent children but this line of thinking has changed and more women are beng encouraged to give birth naturally after a c-section. Probably why your less than pc up to date doctor isn't aware of it and your midwife is.

I think the risk is that your scar tissue from the c-section could tear but they have discovered that this risk is far less than previously thought.

Do some research yourself and I would get some more advice from your midwife about it.
im due to have my fourth baby soon and am having my fourth c-section. So dont stress about not being able to have more. i had a great recovery with my first, second wasnt as good but that was due to the fact that one of the nurses forgot to give me pain medication before trying to get me out of bed and my third was my best ever!! was up and walking the same day, (had her just after midnight and was walking but lunch time that day) the first week or so is a bit harder with having little ones around but i think i managed really well and because there always seems to be visitors around it makes it easier. Go with what you think is best. do you have family and friends around that can help you out after if you have a c-section? Dont let anyone push you either way only you know what is best for you and baby, good luck
hey there smile

I think what you need to think about is what YOU want. It seems like you do have a choice so as long as it's safe for you and bubs (which you MW knows about) then go for what you want!

Remember it's not like once the decision is made you are stuck with it. If things aren't going right in the birth then the option of a C/S is still there.

Also, go with your instinct. It sounds like your GP is a bit of a *** do you feel about your MW and what she says?
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