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I have to make up my mind Lock Rss

I've never met this doctor at the hospital before, so i don't even know if he read my file.
I want to be able to do it normally but hubby worried about things going wrong.
I got a appiontment with my normal doctor on tuesday and i was going to see what he thought after he looks at my ear.

This doctor had the hospital i was close to walking out cause he put in my file since i'm doing share care that me wants a vbac and being told the risks and given info about the risks and so what. Now the sheet upset hubby with the risks and he doesn't want me to take any.

I have family but it going to be hard that i can't carry bub anywhere cause he almost 15kg.
I still have 3 or 4 weeks that i can make up my mind then i have to sit down with a midwive before i'm 36 weeks.

Would you regret not trying for a VBAC? If you think you would then I wouldnt have a c-section without trying. I know heaps of women who have had a c-section 1st time and vbac second time. There are risks with both so you need to really research it and make an informed decision that is best for you and your family......not what one Dr thinks. In the end it is your decsion.
Here is a link for you to look at. They offer support for all women who have had a c-section whatever birth they decide/need to have the next time.CARES

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