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The choice to have a caesarian Lock Rss

Throughout my pregnancy, I had so many comments, mostly negative from people because I had decided to have a caesarian. My decision was based on my nursing background and patients I had looked after who had complications after having a natural birth. I understand there can be complications with caesarians also, but I made my choice. I am constantly having to defend my decision to have a caesarian by choice.
My baby ended up being born at 29 weeks and needed a caesarian anyway because of the risk of having a brain bleed. Despite this, I still would've chosen a caesarian had she gone full term.
My sister made a comment the other day; "I think caesarians are a waste of tax payers money." This made me absolutely LIVID! Not only am I a private patient so I paid for my own caesarian, but the the only caesarians tax payers pay for are in the public system and those caesarians occur mainly due to an emergency of which without, the child could die.
It really aggravates me that people have such strong opinions about the way another mother is going to give birth when it does not affect them whatsoever. It is the individuals choice. I could care less how a mother gave birth, what drugs she chose, whether she gives her child a dummy....etc. Each to their own and that's the way it should be!
Hey there
It's your body your choice I think
I had the same sort of situation with the twins I had the choice of having them naturally but would have to travel 4 hours to do that with dp and dd in toe.
Have a elective Caesar in town and not travel and no they both would be delivered promptly my hospital is small I live in the country.
I chose to have them in town no one questioned my decision as I get they understood plus baby b decided to do all crazy positions leading up to there deliver lol
I seeitas longs the baby is delivered safely does it really matter I have given birth both ways and I liked natural only due to I was control in the Caesar I just laid there etc.
But I wouldn't think any less on how a mum chose to have her child it's her decision and the doctors not what people want I hope your little one is doing ok now xx
My first birth was an elective caesarian because DS was breech. Tried VBAC with DD1, but due to scar tissue the labour didn't progress and had an emergency caesar. I decided that didn't want to try again for VBAC with 3rd and had an elective caesarian. I didn't really have a choise and all of these were done in the public health system. I had complications with each and last one was real bad, but I have 3 healthy children to show for it. Wouldn't change a thing about my births. I think people need to keep their opinions to themselves. It's your body and you have a working knowledge of what you are doing to your body, so if you are ok with that should be all that matters to anyone else. Your baby will be at no risk and born safely, the most important thing in this equation.

Love my lil bugs, I think regarding your twins you definitely made the right choice.
I had a planned elective caesarean. People can be so unsupportive, or should I say women. In most cases they seem to think it's a right of passage for a women to have a natural delivery whether you desire it or not roll eyes

Heres one, my DP at work talking to some mates, the birth process was brought up and all the blokes cringed, he said I'm having a caesarean and all the boys said 'good ***' lol

My work friends became aware of me having a ceaserean and it was all doom and gloom.

-we just need to be happy in our choices as often other aren't.
smile grin smile
I agree with the previous postings.....
It is your decision! Your body and your baby!
I had a elective C due to beech baby first, then a VBAC with the second and then another beech baby so another C.
So had both and there are definite advantages and disadvantages to both.
I recently had to tell a friend that she needed to stop trying to justify why she decided to get her DS circumcised, I think as soon as you try and justify your decisions people who don't agree with them start trying to change your decision or worse make you feel bad about it. i don't believe in circumcision (being a nurse) and strongly believe breast is best. i have some friends who seem to constantly want to justify why they have circumcised or bottle feed from birth and it is awful. i have and never will agree with it. but i have other friend who do it and don't feel they need to explained because it is ultimately their choice and they are comfortable with it.
So i say... every time someone says something.. remember your reasons and that back bone you've grown is what will help you defend your children and not be swayed by every Tom, Dick and Harry that feel they know what is best for you.
Maybe it is their insecurities, jealousy (not of the caesarean but something else) or the fact you were able to make an informed choice.
Sounds like it all worked out for the best in the end! smile

mandy, WA, boys 6years and 2years

Yep. Your body your choice. I am a strong believer in the only person knowing more about your body than a doctor is you! You had your reasons for your choice initially but look you needed it anyway. You knew best!
As for you sister's comment about wasting the tax payers money..your explanation was spot on and if you want to let her know I can't speak for all states but in Queensland anyway, you can't elect to have a c-section so the tax payers are only paying for ones that are essential if that makes her feel better. I was in public and after 36 hours of labour had an emergency c-section. Due to my DS' size (11 lb 6 oz) I had developed an infection from only part of my waters being able to break and he went into distress.
I had one nurse question me and give me grief about my c-section while I was laying in my bed vomitting and on intravenous antibiotics from my infection unable to move from my fresh c-section. I said "You have to be kidding. You want answers read my chart and leave me alone"
I agree! How does what someone else does effect another individual whatsoever? It doesn't, as you so rightly said!

I agree with the previous postings.....
It is your decision! Your body and your baby!
I had a elective C due to beech baby first, then a VBAC with the second and then another beech baby so another C.

OMG 2 breech babies?! Talk about bad luck!
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