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Elective c section in public hospital nsw Lock Rss

hello I am 19 weeks and have elected to have a c section. This is my 3rd child and the other 2 have been natural, anyway I have been following other posts that says you can have elective in public hospital but Do you have to pay? I have been seeing a ob and have been told that if I want him to be there that it will cost between $2500 - 3000 at least. Is there such a thing as intermediate cover or does going public cover all costs?

just a little confused.
MY first pregnancy ended in a CS so for my second I went for an elective CS in the public hospital, which cost nothing.

If you required a c-section for a medical reason they will give you a choice for your next preg. due to the fact that there are higher risks with having a natural delivery after having a c-section(Very minor though). Although if there is no medical reason then they typically will not give you a choice.

I had a caesar with my second due to the fact that he was upside down. I was given the choice with my third.

If you need one for medical reasons or you elect to because you had a previous c-section then you can have one and no you don't have to pay.
I don't think you will have to pay I had a elective Caesar in a public hospital and I didn't pay anything I don't no if this is the case but I do have a health care card and always
Ways wondered if you didn't do you have to pay?
But any who in my circumstances I didn't pay.
I think if you want to choose the Dr that does your c-section then yes you would have to pay private patient fees. I have been lucky that the Dr that has been on call or doing surgery on that day has been the Dr I was seeing before hand. See if maybe the Dr you want to use is going to be in the theatre a couple of weeks before your due date and then see if you can be put on his list. Or if they don't know that far ahead, just see if they can book it in and then closer to the date ask them about being put on your Dr's list. Doesn't hurt to ask. I've never had to pay for any of my c-sections. 2 were elective for medical reasons and one was emergency c-section.
I had two, c-sections, the second which they classed as elective because the doctor booked it in. Both were in public hospitals and i have not had to pay anything with either and it was my docotr who performed them. If you are paying that much for a doctor he/she should book it in and give you a date.
Generally public hospitals only do a c section if there are medical grounds to do so. Then you don't have to pay. If you decide that you want to have a c section without a medical reason, you may or may not have to pay. I would question the hospital & drs about this for your peace of mind & clarification. Each public hospital varies slightly in their rules. Last thing you need is to end up with a huge account to pay or to be told they won't do it. Good luck.
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