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  5. Can i elect for CS? 1st was natural but broke my tail bone???

Can i elect for CS? 1st was natural but broke my tail bone??? Lock Rss

Hi all, well just wanted someone else's input to my delima. My first child was natural, however with the assistance of eipdural, when i was told to stop pushing i didnt (my body was doing its own thing) resulting in my braking my tail bone - to the point where after birth i couldnt sit on my behind for nearly a year for long periods like 5-10 minutes always had to change positions. It was painful and embarrassing.

I have brought this up with my MW - who has suggested a maternity belt for support as from about 11 weeks my back was killing me second time around. I'm now 21 weeks and i am stressing about giving birth again and going through all that pain again (not the labour pain - but the tail bone pain) i dont want to be in the same situaion i was in with my first.

As a public patient can i opt for a c-section with my back ground? I would love to do the natural again as recovery from that aspect was really quick but the tail bone pain was just too much.
In Queensland, it may vary from state to state but you can't elect a c-section in public.
Your past experience sounds terrible and I don't blame you for wanting to explore the options! Good Luck.
I would be asking the OBGYN if it is an option. I have problems with my hips and lower back during all my pregnancies. Bet pain was no where as bad as yours ouch. Labour pain is bad enough without adding the pain and pressure you would get from your tailbone. But I would ask them to maybe check out the position of the baby closer to the due date and see if they think it is going to cause a problem. Just make sure you let them know from now on when you see the Midwife or Dr how much pain you are getting from the tail bone area. I cann't comment on weather I would advise you to go either way as I have had labor, but not given birth vaginally. Have it as an option and read up about it. Maybe make a decision closer to due date. I've had friends that have used those tummy belts and found them really good. But all of my kids hated tight things around the bottom of my belly. I tried on one time and DS kicked the hell out of me.
I'm in a similar situation with the addition of ongoing perennial issues following my first natural birth. I asked to speak to an ob at the rbh. They have said they will support a c section if I choose to go that way. Now I just have to decide whether to keep my place in the birth center or opt for a cesarean to avoid compounding the existing problems.
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