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Hi, I am currently 31wks pregnant and have been diagnosed with Placenta Previa. Think its a grade 3. I have not met my doctors etc from the hospital as I had an Independent Midwife. But just wondering if there is anyone out there that have had the same experiences if so, how did go? I don't mind if its good or bad as my previous pregnancy was full of drama and my son was born naturally at 31 wks and 5 days. Would love for this baby to stay in longer...

Any stories, experiences, advice or anything is muchly appreciated. Cheers.
I'm sorry, I've got no advice or answers for you - just bumping the thread up so hopefully someone who has had it might be able to answer your questions.

Good luck, hopefully bub will stay in there for longer than your son did.
Hi, I had a grade 4 placenta praevia. I had a bleed at 33 weeks and was admitted to hospital on bed rest, I had another bleed at 35 weeks and my gorgeous daughter was delivered by emergency c-section. And we are both fine with no issues resulting from it smile

Not sure what else you'd like to know? just remember to take it easy, no heavy lifting and don't overdo it. Hopefully you'll have no bleed smile
Hi Ive just come home from hospital I had full Placenta Previa ( I dont know the grading) and it was also at the front of my stomach and I had a c-sec for my first preg. Everything when well with the preg no dramas I was even walking 3 times a week still. I went in to hospital at 38 weeks and the night before as I lived and hour away and needed to undergo blood tests the day before as im O-neg blood type (blood donors best friend and docs worst nightmare. The docs decided to put me out for the op to control my blood presure as they didnt have much blood to give if something when wrong, then at the last minute as I was wheeled into the room the doc decided to pospone my op untill laster that day for more blood to came. That saved my life. They tell me that my placenta had eaten through the scar of my first c-sec and was about to attach itself to my bladder (Placenta Accreta). I went through 3 times my volume in blood in 10 mins and had a Hysterectomy. It wasnt picked up through ultrasounds. After all that I have 2 Beautiful little girls and couldnt be happyer and very thankful for my Doc on the day to have a hunch as he told me in the 40 years I was 3rd emerancy hysterectomy he had to do under the age of 30. thats the short version.
I haven't read all the responses, but wanted you to know I'm thinking of you.

I had placenta previa grade 3 that went undiagnosed in my pregnancy until the c-section! All my ultrasounds kept saying nothing was wrong, but I had bleeding episodes that landed me in hospital - @ 28 weeks and @ 35 weeks. (I also had one episode in between the 28 and 35 week ones, but didn't even go to hospital for it, as it happened on Christmas Eve.)

I was home at 28 weeks within two days - but in for 3 days @ 35 weeks before I had an in hospital episode, and my obs decided to remove DD at 36 + 2.

I am now too scared to go back and have another baby, as it has really shaken me (ie, knowing that had I gone into natural labour, there is a chance I could have died!) was only post my c-section that I truly understood what placenta previa was all about!

Good thing for you though - they are aware you have it and diagnosed you. You need to get plently of rest and try not to lift anything (including washing baskets) or stand for too long! Also try not to stress, they know about it, they can take bubs out when bubs is ready and life will be a blessing for you! smile

PS, my DD is now 4months and very healthy - so definitely no impacts on the little life you're currently creating smile
Hiya, I'm 22 wks pregnant and have got placenta praevia aswell. I've been referred to an obs and meet with him next week. I'm a bit in the dark on this one as well. I had two perfectly normal drug free water births with my other two and now I'm told I'll be having a caesar. My main issue is that we have now moved away from family and so have no support in terms of recovery or if I end up on bed rest. I guess it's just gonna be a go with the flow type thing. I hope all goes well with you smile
Hi all,
thanks for sharing your stories has put me at ease a little!
I have grade 4 placenta previa found at 19 weeks and had a bleed at 26 weeks and was in hospital for a few days told to give up work no lifting housework etc have had no more bleeding but hospital has blood on stand by incase as we live in a small town- i think this is whats making me anxious the fact that i can have a big bleed any time and our hospital is unable to handle such circumstance.
baby will be born in a bigger hospital at 36 - 37 weeks if all goes to plan!
We are 30 weeks now and counting!!

thanks again nice to hear other experiences of this.
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