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I am at the start of my second pregnancy. My first one was complicated and resulted in an emergency Caesarean. This time I have decided to have an elective Caesarean & hopefully reduce the amount of complications.
So anyway, I only have two options for my OBGYN and don't know which one to choose. Is there any way of finding out how good they are or how they stitch you up at the end etc?
The doc I had first time round is no longer delivering babies, which is a shame, becuase he was SOOO good!

You should be able to get a referral to both, then book an initial consultation to ask any questions you have and then make your decision about who to go with. I think the only prob would be the fact that the first consult can be quite expensive.

I decided on my OBGYN by asking my GP if she was pregnant who would she use....Im not sure they are meant to influence your decision too much but I did take her advice and Im really glad I did.

I did the same as the PP and asked my gp which di they think was best? Also maybe it is possible to get in contact with your old gyno and ask who he would reccomend.

With my first I just went to the local clinic of OBGYNs and just took who I was fitted in with. She was lovely, but made a mess of my c-section. With my second I tried for VBAC, so I went with an OBGYN/GP that had been recommended to me by a friend. He referred me on to one of the other OBGYN's from the first clinic, I had to see them just in case I had to have a c-section, because the OBGYN/GP didn't do c-sections. When the VBAC failed, I was lucky that the OBGYN I was referred to was available that night and he did an absolutely fab job on my c-section and fixed up all of the scar tissue mess from the other one. With my third I went for an elective and my OBGYN/GP referred me again to the same guy and made sure that I was put on his list again for the c-section. It was such a relief to have him again:) My 1st and 3rd were elective and easier than the emergency one, not as stuffed from the labor.
I got the list of specialists that use the hospital I was going to, rounded it down to 3 names and looked them up on Google! There was lots of personal experiences from forums that let me know who was good for what.
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