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Caesarean best option??? Lock Rss


I have just been to my OB and she has recommended a caesarean due to the size of our baby's head and does not think that I will be able to delivery naturally without complications that would most likely lead to an emergency caesarean.
I am currently 36 weeks and am not sure if I should book in for a caesarean or try to delivery naturally?
My OB is also concerned that due to the head size the baby will not engage and I will end up going beyond my due date.

Just wanting some thoughts or feedback as I am feeling a little uncertain as I had myself all geared up to deliver naturally.
What is bubs head size currently?

My DD's head was 38cm and she got stuck on my pelvic bone but with two failed vacuums, a successful forceps and massive pushes (due to being threatened with a c-section) we got her out.

I think if you feel you can go natural then do it. Follow your heart. You know your body better then anyone and if it turns out to be an emergency c-section at least you'll know you tried.

ETA: I should add they had to do an episiotomy which turned into a third degree tear. But it was a rush job as she was apparently going into distress.

Hi. My DS1 was born by emergency caesarian due to brow presentation/deflex head. His head circ was 38cms. He was 14 days overdue and induced. DS2 was a caesarian after failure to progress. He was also 14 days overdue but (finally) labour started by itself and I had a really good go at it. I personally would give it a go and if you have to have a caesar in the end, at least you know you tried. Having a caesar now will affect future births....even though the obs tell you it doesn't. I deeply regret not having had a vaginal birth but I'm so glad I went into labour by myself with ds2 and gave it a go. As per PP it's your body and your know it the best. I guess, either way, read up on caesarians/recovery etc. because I was not prepared and hadn't even thought that I would need to have one! Good luck with the decision
I am also facing this descion.
Hayden was 38 cms head. i was not dialting and he was distressing, his head was way to big!! ended up c-section, now not sure if i try vbac when my chances of havina 9 pound 10 pound baby if i shud risk or straight c/s

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I am also facing this descion.
Hayden was 38 cms head. i was not dialting and he was distressing, his head was way to big!! ended up c-section, now not sure if i try vbac when my chances of havina 9 pound 10 pound baby if i shud risk or straight c/s

It's a tough decision. My first was 10 pound 6 and the second was 11 pound. We are ttc no. 3 at the moment and I am going to attempt a vba2c. Ob says if we have a girl theres a good chance bub will be slightly smaller. I was scared with ds2 to attempt a vbac and probably gave in to a c-section too early. Since then i've done a lot more research and worked on getting my body ready with yoga etc and i feel ready. You will know in your heart what you should do. As long as the outcome is a healthy mum and bub smile
I had a 10 hour labour and then an emergency caesar due to fetal distress. I would have been happy if they'd just taken me straight into theatre! This time I'm having an elective caesar rather than risking being tired out from labour and possibly ending up needing another caesar anyway.

It does take longer to recover from a caesar but I'm sure your OB knows what they're talking about - And don't think you're any less of a woman or that you're a failure if you chose to have a caesar which, unfortunately, seems to be the way some peolpe think. In my opinion, getting your precious baby into the world as safely as possible is the most important thing.

And another plus is that your girly bits stay intact! wink
How big is the baby's head now? What does your gut tell you?

The head isn't actually going to be x many cm's as baby is being born because the bones in baby's head overlap each other as they come down the birth canal.

I gave birth to DS1 with a 34cm head with a slight tear and DS2 in water with a 37cm head and a slight tear. Position and presentation can be everything, if baby has a 'big' head squatting or on hands and knees is the best position because these are the positions that open your pelvis the most. It's not uncommon for babies to not engage until labour has started, nor is it unusual to go over your EDD. DS1 was engaged properly about 6 weeks before he was born at 38+6, DS2 was 2/5 for the last 6 weeks before he was born and was born at 40+2 after a 90 minute labour.

Personally I think the reasons you have been given for possibly needing a c-section, unless baby has a 42cm head or something, aren't exactly going to put you in the best frame of mind for the upcoming birth.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do, but if it were me and baby didn't have a head over 40cm, then I'd be planning a vaginal birth and have the c-section if I felt labour wasn't progressing and needed it.

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