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vbac after 2 cesars? Lock Rss

hi everyone, ive just found out im pregnant with our 3rd baby, our first 2 have been delivered via c-section (1st was emergency, i was induced, 7hrs later babys heart rate was dropping every time they turned the drip on & our 2nd was because i had high blood pressure)

i really really want to try naturally this time but im not sure if anyone i see at the hospital will be supportive of my choice ?

has anyone else done this before and if so what hospital ?

ive had both my babies at cleveland public and they were really good but im not sure they'll let me try for a vbac after 2 cesears

any info would be great smile
I think you will be hard pressed to find a Dr who would let you have a VBA2C. I asked for one with my 3rd and the Dr flatly refused. I had some complications during my c-section so I'm glad I wasn't allowed to. What I did have was a maternal assisted c-section where I helped lift bub out - it was great, and I'm really glad I did it. See if you can google it o/wise pm me and I can give you more info

I think you will be hard pressed to find a Dr who would let you have a VBA2C.

I completely agree, I doubt too many drs would be supportive. Anyone you do manage to find will most likely impose so many restrictions on your birth you'd be lucky to succeed anyway. Make contact with an independent midwife and explore your options for vba2c that way. Best of luck smile
I have had 3 births, c- section then VBAC then another breech C-section and i am pregnant again. because i have had 2 c-sections and even though only 1 since a natural delivery the risk is too get of rupturing the scar and losing my uterus and/ or baby so it's another c-section.
i agree with the other girls, you would be hard pressed to find an accomodating doctor and then is it worth the risk?

mandy, WA, boys 6years and 2years

A VBA2C is dependant on your situtaion of course but it can and has been done

Myself and a friend of mine both had VBA2C last year, we were both in SE Vic; not sure where you are.

You may not know re the high blood pressure until closer to the time, and does not mean babies heart rate would drop again. You mentioned you were induced and babies heart rate dropped with the drip. You may find you will not be induced if trying for a VBAC, as may increase the risk of uterine rupture.

I would just say to do your research, work out your reasons for wanting a VBAC, the pro's vs cons of both c-section & VBAC for YOU.

From the research I did at the time, there was not much difference in the risks of VBAC or VBA2C, a very very slight increase in the risk of uterine rupture.

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