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I have just had another scan yesterday to see if my little miss has moved and she is now in a worse breech postion as her feet are settling into cervix! i was wondering if anyone had any tips on getting her to turn as ive heard once they get in this postion it hard for them to turn and i really dont want to have a C seciton! it would also be nice to hear if people have had a footling breech and baby has moved as im getting really worried, im basicly 33weeks midwife said we dont have to worry till 35-36weeks but easy for her to say. i already have a toddler and she was natural birth and would really love for that again.

Hi, my bub was breech and turned at about 34/35 weeks. I read up on the site I spent a lot of time head down and bum up. It was a bizarre sensation when it did turn, and it woke me up at night. Apparently they don't like having their heads mashed up into your ribs so hang upside down as much as you can!! Good luck in turning your bub smile
I like the sound of nodrog's advice. My first was breech and the guy that took my ultrasound at 36wks, said "I don't think he's going to move, he looks too comfortable" and he was right. In late pregnancy it was really uncomfortable having his head up near my ribs, made it hard to breath. But out of my three kids he carried the easiest, don't know if that was because he was my first or because of the breech. I can understand you being hesitant about having to have a c-section. I remember praying for him to turn. An elective c-section is easier than a an emergency one. Also I've had 3 c-sections and feet first out of the incision is much more comfortable than head, or it was for me. I still did the ante-natal classes and all that. Good luck with it all:) You will be fine either way:)

My sister had a footling breech baby who didn't turn, I am 38 weeks and my baby turned from a breech last week finally.. I tried moxibustion which i'm certain helped. It was from a tradition chinese medicine clinic. I would give it a go if I were you otherwise accupunture.
I had a vaginal breech birth although he was not a footling breech. He had his feet up by his ears lol
Obvioly he didnt turn for me but moxibustion was something I did and alot of people swear by it also acupuncture (i didnt try this)
Also going swimming as the weight is lifted.
Having your bum up in the air is good one too.
Another thing I did was put frosen peas down below as they wouldnt like the feeling of beein cold and would move. Agin, obviously this didnt work either but he did wriggle lots when i was doing this.
My bub was breech (one foot down and one foot up) and the doctors told me if she hadn't turned by 37weeks that they would do an ECV (manually turn the baby). Maybe this mite not be an option if bub is already settling into your cervix.

I actually went to my chiropractor who did some pressure point thing. I could feel bub trying to move but turns out i had basically no fluid so bub had no room to move around anyway....

The ECV was to risky to do (bub already had other complications) so unfortunately i had a c-section sad

Try laying on your back with pillows under your bum.

Good luck, hope your bubba turns for you smile
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