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C-Section all booked in Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

I got my mail yesterday and was shocked to have received my Admission papers already. I have 4 weeks to go and wasn't expecting to find out what time i'd be admitted till at earliest the week before.

So as long as my DS doesn't arrive early i'm all set for the 12th of July at 7 am to be admitted. Hubby however wanted to be able to sleep in though so he wasn't too happy about the early morning admittance lol

So the final countdown has began with 27 days to go! With a Nursery still to be changed from pretty pink border to a nice blue border. At least bubs and my bags are packed and all ready to go.

Only 2 and half weeks left of work YAY!!!!!


Congratulations, hope all goes well for you. Go gently after the surgery. smile
Good luck! Hope it goes well. On the 12th July last year I had a 1 day old bub and was recovering from my c-sec smile

Thanks everyone

I love having a date set, it was so hard just waiting with my first.

I think the hardest thing for me is going to be taking it easy, my mum is constantly telling me to slow down now but it just so hard for me. I work with my mum and sister running a Cafe and it so hard to just sit back and let them work lol My last day of work will be Sunday 3rd of July and we are also closing from them till the 27th of July so it will give em chance to take it easy. I'm having a PJ Pants day on 3rd of July to celebrate my last day, so if you live in Adelaide come and join me smile

I'm glad my admission isn't 5 am, even though I doubt I'll sleep the night before.


Good luck smile
So very exciting your all booked in.
Good Luck for tomorrow smile Hope it all goes smoothly
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