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STILL having problems.. Lock Rss

I had DD in September last year via emergency C-Section at 30 weeks.
I had PE and HELLP and had an Eclamptic Seizure on the operating table just after bub was taken out. Big rush etc etc I was resuscitated a few times and intubated (ventilated) etc so wasn't until 24 hours later that the wound was actually closed!
So basically it's been driving me nuts at the moment, it's so bloody painful especially during sex and when i'm in the shower ?!
Any ideas on how to get rid of the pain?

TIA smile
Wow! what a lot of scary stuff! Thank goodness you are here and you get to enjoy your daughter. You definitely need to see a doctor. It sounds like there may be issues with your scar tissue formation. Of course I am no medical expert, I've just had two CSs. The most discomfort I have felt after three months was cramping.

I still get the occassional sharp pain in my ceaser scar but if I were you I would definitly call the doctor and talk to them, they may order a ultra sound to see whats happening in there, could be anything from it healing the wrong way or a a nerve stitched up the wrong way or just pain from streching the wrong way one day.
Get it checked out just to be safe

RotoruaNZ - Brayden May 05 & Lacey Dec 09

Yes i have had 2 of them my last was 5 1/2 years ago often when in bed and i cough i have sharp pains down their i have often gone to my doctor who tells me that its just often our nerves down their because they cut us sometimes our nerves go and ofter every now and then it gose away.

if my and my man are having sex i can not have deep sex and it sends sharp pains down my c-section scar but i still do have sex all the time my mans just gentle not to hurt me and he knows.

i hoped this helped if you are worrie talk to your doctor about it

TTC a baby girl

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