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Tubes tied with c sec Lock Rss

Hello ladies just curious if anyone is having their tubes tied and c sec at the same time. My dr suggested it as I don't want any more children after this or do you know of anyone that has had it done and how was recovery?
I had it done with my 3rd c-section - it was fine, only took an extra couple of minutes and no pain....the only thing I found was when I got my flow back, it was really, really heavy for the first day or so. And I mean really heavy. I couldn't really go out, had to wear a pad aswell as a tampon and had to change it every hour, hour and a half max - sorry if TMI. After a few months of that, it settled down and I'm finding now they come every 6 weeks and are still heavy on day 2 although no where near as bad as at first, and only last 5 days. I don't know if this is in relation to having my tubes tied, but it wasn't like this beforehand. Emotionally I did grieve not being able to have any more babies (although I don't want anymore), but you always want what you can't have and having the tubes tied made it final. HTH
I had mine done last April when I gave birth to my DD2. It was just a little longer on the table. No extra pain associated with it or difference in recovery. I also find that my periods are a little heavier in the first couple of days, but with the last few has settled a little. I always used to have painful periods before having children and it had got better with the previous two c-section births. But it has come back since having my tubes done. Everyone is different, but the common thing I have heard is heavier periods and pre-menstral bloating. Bonuses of it though is you don't have to worry about pregnancy and can relax a bit. I haven't morned or felt sad about my decision as I have three beautiful health kids and I turn 40 this years, so I am completely happy and contented with my decision:) Good luck:)
What about recovery in general? This is my 3rd baby but my first c sec. I've heard mixed stories. some say recovery was bad then some say it's wasn't too bad at all. just curious.. As for feeling bloated does it happen at period time or just in general....
Thanks in advance for replying.
It didn't make a difference to my recovery smile
I had 2 cs and tube tied with #2. CS recovery the first time seemed typical- extremely light duties for six weeks which is fine when you have just one kid. There is no such thing as light duties when you have two. It could be that it was my second time having the surgery, it could be that the second Dr was HORRIBLE but it took more than 8 weeks for me to feel like I could safely do things like hang up the laundry.
General CS info: expect numbness either below your scar- no, not that far down or above your scar up to your belly button. The below the scar numbness never goes away but the above the scar eventually starts to come back- I'm up to a year now and it is slowly getting there.
Tubes tied: I could feel the stitches in there the same as the ones outside and yes, the AF bleeding is uncontrollable. After a year I'm finally getting the hang of it but it is still a shocker. RelliMc says it all.
Sex: it rocks knowing you're not going to get knocked up again. Get it done.

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