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Elective C Section Lock Rss

Does anyone have any good tips or things that would be handy to pack for an elective c section? Or things you wish you'd taken to hospital with you.

Something good to read to distract yourself while sitting there waiting for the doc to call you into theatre! Its a really bizzarre feeling and you need distraction smile

Clothes, shoes and slippers etc, that are easy to slip on so you don't need to ask for help(go for slippers rather than socks).

Prunes, liccorice, fruit juice etc to snack on to prevent constipation afterwards.
Yep comfy undies! I ended up sending mum to the shop to get me the dagiest undies around!

And comfy pants, i think i stayed in my pj's the whole time i was there because my track pants were too tight.

Agree with Tahlia, something to read or do why you waiting for the doctor, i swear it was the longest wait ever!!

Good luck smile
not to take to hospital, but to have for when you get home...

Supportive granny them a size larger. They will help you with support and shrinking your tummy.

good luck
Agree the comfy nickers are essential lol. I only wore pjs while in hospital and for the trip home I wore my preggo pants. Then when I was at home I just bummed around in my pjs again. Nice loose fitting trackie pants a great to:)
Like everyone else has said, big granny knickers and comfy pants. I would also recommend bringing dried apricots and prunes as I got so severely constipated after my c-section I need 2 enemas and my bowels took 3 weeks to get back to normal.
As for painkillers, take everything that is offered to you, the 1st 24 hours are the hardest. I also took earplugs and an eye mask so I could get some sleep.

Thanks everyone for replies smile
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