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C-Section and Lochia (postnatal bleeding) Lock Rss

hi all,

I had to have an emergency C-Section because DS decided to roll over during the labour and turn his head up so he got wedged.

This was 4 weeks ago and while I know it can take a min of 6 weeks to be more on deck I was wondering how long women with C-Section bled for and if they have had experience with it getting lighter then much heavier as well as getting really tired and lightheaded after light activity (like walking around the shops).

I have gone to the Dr about it but was wondering if it is normal recovery or something I should be more concerned about. DH wants me to have virtually nil activity but things like the washing isn't getting done and I am going stir crazy looking at the 4 walls of the lounge room.

Basically, from peoples experience is this normal and and I expecting too much of my recovery time?
Hi ya

I also had an emergency c section as DD decided to put her chin down! For the first couple of weeks, I tried not to do too much - I would know if I had pushed it, but gradually each day it got easier to move around. My doctor said that I could drive after two weeks if I felt up too it. He said that all the waiting for six weeks etc was bulls**t! Haha. Exercising was def waiting till my six week check up as even just after that it was getting into it gradually.

Bleeding wise, bleed for about 2-3 weeks then stopped - thought yay me! BUT then between 3-4 weeks started again and it was bright red and heavy! This happened at Easter - typical with it being public holidays. I did call the hospital at 3am one morning as had read stuff here on the forum that said bright red = not good, but midwife said sounds normal but if I used more than six pads in a 12 hour period or something to call back. But all settled down again and was all over and done with in another two weeks.

Everyone is different with their recovery but everyday you will feel more and more normal. And try not to go too stir crazy, just enjoy bubba.
thanks Andreandfiona. That makes me feel a little better. There is so much info on the net, phamphlets and books its hard to know what is normal and what is something to worry about!
Your most welcome!smile

If you are really concerned about anything though, just give your doctor or midwife a call to have a chat.

I hope the rest of your recovery goes well.
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