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Routine Ceasarian - blood loss compared to natural birth? Lock Rss

Hi there everyone,

So I am currently 19 weeks pregnant with frat twins. i am only 23 so twins was a big shock. I have a 22 month old baby boy who was delivered after a 3 hour labor and I had a mild hemorrhage after the birth, due to internal tearing as he was pushed out in just under 15 mins.

Despite the pain and shock of my first birth, I have opted to deliver naturally if possible this time around with my twins.

However I had my first antenatal visit at the GC hospital (will be going public) and am now unsure as to what will be best. I have a medical health directive stating that I will not accept a blood transfusion if the need arises. The midwife was great about it, just jotted down a little note in my orange book and we kept talking. But when I went into the dr shortly afterwards, as soon as she saw it she kind went into worst case scenario mode and basically said that natural birth would lead to enough blood loss requiring a blood transfusion and I could probably die.

Needless to say that wasnt the most uplifting visit and has left me with questions.
I wonder now if i opt for a c-section, will the blood loss be less compared to a natural birth?
But that has more questions also, i guess my main concerns being relating to how long will I be out of action/off my feet? I worry about how I will manage my other little boy if i am on bed rest or cant do anything?

Can anyone share their experience with recovery periods after a routine c-section?

Or perhaps any twin mums who delivered naturally can tell me how it went?

thanks again in advance!

I think most mums opt for c-section when it comes to twins these days or their drs encourage them too, I don't know. I haven't had a vaginal birth so I'm not sure about comparing blood loss. But I had a bleed during my 2nd c-section and all it ment for me was I was more flat for a day or two after it. I didn't receive any blood during this time. I think it should be up to you if you want to receive a blood transfusion or not. C-section I think on average are kept in a little bit longer than vag birth. I was 5 days with DS & DD1, but 7 day with DD2 due to complications. My sister in law had twins at 19yo and she recovered fine from the c-section.

With my last c-section I got home help once a week for 1 month. Also had a couple of visits from the Midwifes from the hosp. Also Maternal Health Nurse came to my house. Maybe ask if all of this is available to you in your area. I found it helped. It is a big thing to go from having one little boy, to having him + two new babies. Which every way you chose to have them, you will be fine. Don't be afraid to ask for help.
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