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Managing after caesar both physically and mentally Lock Rss

Hi I had an unplanned caesar 2 weeks ago while I never thought the birth of our little girl would end up like that it was still an amazing experience.
What I struggling with is the recovery both mentally and physically. I have been trying to rest and my husband has been amazing but I still get pain if I do just the smallest activities. Yesterday we went to the shops and I only walked around for 30 minutes but I was uncomfortable and in pain most of the time and now this morning I feel like I over did it yesterday.
Are u suppose to literally do 'nothing' for 6 weeks bc it's really getting to me. I really thought each day u would get better but I feel I take 2 steps forward and 3 back. Plus I would love to take my little girl for a walk is that to soon??? When they say light exercise is a 20 minute walk too soon?
Also has anyone tried the support belts.
I've had 2 c-section. My first wasn't planned either. I was so sore it hurt to do most things but after 4 weeks i felt alot better. Don't push yourself to do everything just do small things & you will get back to normal.
My 2nd one i had 2 weeks ago & i can't believe how well i'm doing.
My doctor told me to go for walks but he said you will not go to far until i felt up to it.

I would take myself off to have a little check up.

You really do sound like you are struggling with the recovery & sometimes it is best to get yourself checked out & know that there is nothing 'wrong' with you - IYKWIM - & that everything is 'normal'

You gotta remember that it is major surgery too.

I was one of the lucky ones that had an amazing recovery from a c/sec & if i was to ever have another child, i would opt for a planned c/sec.

After 2 weeks, i would say that you should be able to walk around the shops for 30 mins without being in pain, uncomfortable yes, pain, no - unless you were walking briskly.
Hi there. Firstly congrats on your bub.
I agree with Chilliwoman. I would just be popping off to the dr for a check up. By 2 weeks you should be able to walk about without being in so much pain.
I also had a fantastic recovery and had very little pain. Again it is major surgery and everyone heals differently so don't be too hard on yourself. Walk on flat ground and also don't load you pram up too much either. Don't need to be pushing any extra weight.
Hope you are feeling better soon.
Hi, I had 3 Caesars and healed really well with all of them each one was better than the last, although I did not labour, and know from other mothers who had emergency Caesars it was a much tougher recovery, I also think the 6 week thing is a myth, no doctor ever said anything to me about anything to do with 6 weeks. I agree with the last 2 ladies go and get checked, I know you will heal longer than me because of the labour but you should be well on your way to recovery by now.

Ally,ACT, G 27.5.03, B 6.12 05

Congrats on the birth of your lovely little bub.

If you are ever worried about your recovery you cant get into your GP you can call Health Direct 24hrs a day, I think the number is 180022222, or head to your local child and family centre, they are staffed by nurses and should be able to give you some advice.

I had an emergency CS and my recovery wasn't very good at all, I found doing even the most simple things impossible. For about the first 2 weeks of recovery I had to get my hubby to help me with everything, getting in and out of the car or a chair, even getting dressed and having a shower. Things did get better with time.

My advice to you is when you feel up to it start with small walks and slowly build up. Also go out and get some bike pant/yoga pants, they dont look very nice but they will sit above the cut and help hold everything in a bit while your body is healing itsself, I found them to be fantastic.

Good luck
My 2 c-sections were scheduled ones and from what I've seen the recovery is quicker than for those Mums who've had an unplanned one.

If after two weeks you are still really uncomfortable I would also suggest checking with your doctor to make sure that everything is OK. Walking certainly helps but take it slowly and carefully!!


I had an unplanned Caesar after a 30 hour labour. I was still taking pain killers until 3 weeks later, and remember really struggling mentally with the combination of tiredness and pain. And this was a perfectly normal healthy recovery time. Everyone recovers at a different rate, and yes, it was probably closer to 3 or 4 weeks before I could walk around the shops comfortably for half an hour.

Give it time, every day will get better from here on in. Yes, if you are concerned seek medical advice, but what you are describing sounds almost the same as my experience, and I had no problems (and will be having a planned c section this time in a few months time- but it took a good year and a half to recover from the emotional/mental side of things, and to be in a good place to go again.)

Best of Luck
the pain after my first c-section was horrid and I went out shopping etc to soon also and really over did it best to take it totally easy and yeah maybe get a check up cant hurt to ask a doctor. funnily enough my second was also a c-section and this time I bounced back really quickly
Hi There, congrats on ur bub! I had a "planned" C-section for my boy, he was breech. that didnt seem to help me though, although supposedly its easier than emergency. I am a Health Professional as well, so I see a lot of post-surgical bellies, and while recovery time does vary, I would see your doctor for a checkup asap if ur still not feeling up to walking or still in a lot of pain after several weeks. Everything may be ok, but its worth getting a check.

I was lucky physically, managed walking about after a week or so, had shops and cafes a few minutes away so that helped. Dont push yourself, it takes time to heal properly. Better to rest now than take twice as long to recover.

Mentally, it still gets me down some days (he is 2.5 now). I know it was better than trying to deliver, he probably wouldve got stuck and we could have both been at risk. For me, the bottom line is that its done and cant be different. I'll definitely book in for number2.

Take care of yourself, it sounds as though you have a lovely baby and supportive husband.

I have a 5mth baby boy & had a "planned" C-section as my baby was breech also - it was only planned 2 weeks before my due date as the doctors the whole time thought that he was in the normal position.

I didnt have any real expectations after the Caesar but my partner stayed home for 3 weeks before returning to work.
However, I didnt really have any reasons to leave the house in the first few weeks as I was getting so used to adjusting to motherdhood but I still had pain up to about the 3rd week & this was mostly on the right side of my scar.

All I can say is that if YOU FEEL like something is wrong then go see the doc.

Just make sure your lookng after yourself as well as your new baby. Good Luck with everything
Hi there,
Congratulations on your beautiful bubba! smile

I agree with PP who suggested heading to the Dr for a check up, just to see if everything is ok. I had an Emergency caesar with ds, and was in pain for about 8 weeks afterwards. Not OMG I can't handle this pain.. but just a constant ache, but occasionally 5 would get a sharp stabbing pain in my uterus when I moved too quickly...

I thought this was a 'normal' part of the healing process, but in fact I had an infection in my womb and nearly ended up in hospital. SO glad I went to outpatients when I did.

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