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Managing after caesar both physically and mentally Lock Rss

I've had 3 c-sections and yes they do hurt afterwards but i was told to keep on top of the pain relief cause once you have the pain back it's really hard to get rid of it....I also have good help round the house and only had to deal with the baby and nothing else i suggest when you go walking use the pram cause it can take some of the weight and walking is good for baby is 10weeks now and i've been ready to go back to the gym since he was 6weeks old but was told i not aloud too till 12weeks but don't give up and just do as much as you feel you can.

I used to go walking with the pram and take the mobile phone with you and when you get tired ring and someone can come get you...
I had a caesar that was unplanned, about 4 weeks ago. My baby was born at 35 weeks and spent 2 weeks in special care but is now home.

As far as recovery goes staying in bed wasnt an option even in hospital as I had a baby to feed and then when I went home I had to take the bus/taxi/lift with husband.

I was having difficulty with walking and booked into see a physio who specialises in Women's Health. I would recommend it to all. She found that my pelvis was rotated back and one click and she put it back. She has also got me wearing an elastic fabric tube type thing from under my bra to hips. It gives a lot of support and I have started doing gentle exercises for the side abdominal muscles. The next visit I will start on pelvic floor exercises.

The other thing I found out was that if you rub moisturiser into the scar it makes it loosen up and in ther future will cause less pain. I had no idea about all of this so I thought I should share.

Hi I had an unplanned caesar 2 weeks ago while I never thought the birth of our little girl would end up like that it was still an amazing experience.
What I struggling with is the recovery both mentally and physically. I have been trying to rest and my husband has been amazing but I still get pain if I do just the smallest activities. Yesterday we went to the shops and I only walked around for 30 minutes but I was uncomfortable and in pain most of the time and now this morning I feel like I over did it yesterday.
Are u suppose to literally do 'nothing' for 6 weeks bc it's really getting to me. I really thought each day u would get better but I feel I take 2 steps forward and 3 back. Plus I would love to take my little girl for a walk is that to soon??? When they say light exercise is a 20 minute walk too soon?
Also has anyone tried the support belts.

The best advice: take it easy!!! Listen to your body. If it hurts to walk, either slow down the pace you've set for yourself, or sit down and have a few minutes of rest before walking again. If you need support while walking, make sure you're the one pushing the pram (and avoid anything that isn't flat ground).
With my first bubs being born via emergency CS after a hellish 8 hour labour, the pram short of became my crutch whenever we went walking. I didn't even have the strength to carry my baby around for the first four weeks because even that put too much strain on my wound, so I only held her while seated. I was homebound for the first five weeks, after which I started going out for very short periods of time, like having dinner out, or for a walk around the block with my partner.

But it does come down to how you're coping mentally. I had a very long recovery period but I also suffered from undiagnosed post-natal depression, which may or may not have played a part in how well I coped physically. I didn't get past that until I found out I was pregnant with number 2, which was over a year and a half later. My second baby also ended up in an emergency CS, but because I was in a better place mentally, I was out and about town after three weeks.

A reason I also think your physical recovery depends on your mental state of mind is because my sister in-law had her first baby a couple of months ago via planned C-section. She went home after two days in hospital (I still wonder how the heck she managed that!) and she was able to give her baby her first bath. I've never been the one to first bath my babies because it hurt too much. A friend of mine who also went for an elect CS was up and walking around on day two! So, personally, I believe that your recovery time is dependent on your mental state of mind.

At the moment it's just the theory I've come up with, and will be testing it out after next week as I have my third baby scheduled to arrive next Friday via planned CS. But do have a chat with your midwife/nurse or doctor about possible reasons why it's taking you so long to recover. They'll know better than anyone on the forum because every person is different and every person heals differently.

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Like the others have said listen to your body and take it easy. I've had 3 c-sections and the first one I came back ok, but with number two a little longer and last one the full 6 weeks. Go back to your Dr get it checked out and talk to them about pain management, or maybe even some sort of support thing for your tummy. I know with my last one I was going insane I was so bord. It was one thing after another. I had a home help lady come in once a week for 4 weeks. Maybe contact your council or health nurse to see if you can still get one. I found that just that little bit of help around the house made a huge difference.

Look after yourself sweety and I hope your pain settles soon:)
Hi ladies thanks for all your advice and support. I did take a lot of your advice and went back to the DR. Dr referred me to have an ultrasound bc I have a large very tender lump above my scar, turns out to be a large hematoma that is not infected and should settle down soon. Dr gave me advice on pain management and said the usual thing that Ive had major surgery and will take time to recover.
I have been feeling better since I posted and have started to do some walking along the beach with bub and my husband which is pretty special.

Thanks again for your advice.
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