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First Period after Caesarean Lock Rss

I had a c section 7 weeks ago and yesterday started my first period since. I am experiencing really painful cramps. Did anyone else have a really painful period after a c section? Does the painful cramping get any better with each period?
I had my 1st period 6 weeks after my c-section & it was quite horrendous. Lots of bleeding, pain and went for ages. It does settle down somewhat but my periods have never been the same since having our DS. They do last longer, are more painful & the bleeding is heavy but usually only for the 3 days or so.
Because I breast fed I didn't get my first period until 4mths after the c-section. I do remember it was quite painful, but settled down after a while. I used to get really bad period pain before having children and it was actually better after the first two c-sections. But with my third c-section I got my tubes done and my periods have been real bad pain on the first day, but less pain on the other days.
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