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Should I get my tubes tied during CS or not? Lock Rss

Hi all,

I'm having an elective CS in a couple of months. This is baby #2. I've never really enjoied being pregnant, I'm 35 (so would be at least 37 if I had another pregnancy) and we can't really afford 3 kids so this will probably be our last.

The question is do I get the OB to tie my tubes while she's in there?

The reason I'm hesitating is that we would definitely have another child if something happened to either of our boys, but tube tying is so final and I've heard that periods can be worse afterwards, although I love the thought of not having to worry about contraception ever again.

DH has no problem with getting a vasectomy down the track.

Your thoughts or experiences would be much appreciated. smile
when I had our last child ( at 37) ,I toyed with it but the ob prefered not to for 2 reasons which he had experienced in his practice:
1.things are a bit swollen and sometimes it does not work properly if the tubes are tied at the time of c section.
2.he had a sad case of having tied a mothers tubes and the baby he had delivered died of sids a few months later and so did the mothers chance of more children.
He recommended waiting 6-12 months and getting hubby'snipped'.Thats what we did.
I have a friend who had hers tied with her c section and she had no dramas.

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

If you have any doubts, then don't do it. I only had mine done because while having c-section because I was 38yo and it was my third baby. I knew 100% that I was doing the right thing. My husband refused to get a vasectomy, so I had no choice. Vasectomy is a way less invasive procedure and has no real side effects.

Here is a page I found that might help:

After my first two kids my periods pain was better than it had been in years, but since having my tubes done the pain has come back. My tummy is way more potty than it was with the other two, but I am older, so things might no bounce back like they did when I was younger lol. Still have no regrets having it done though. It's great not having to worry about getting pregnant ever again. I had mine permanently sealed, so that it's permanent. I had a friend that had them clamped and it took ages to get the reversed, then it took a couple of goes to get the tubes working properly. A lot of fiddling about.

Best advise research as much as you can, ask OB heaps of questions and discuss everything you find out with your DH. Good luck with the birth of your bub and whatever decision you make will be right for you and your family:)
Hi hun,
My mother had her tubes tied and she has been through nothing but pain since and says she never should have done it. She ended up having to have a hysterectomy.
I say if you have ANY doubts, dont do it.
I agree with PP that said if you have any doubts at all, don't do it. I'd wait.
Hi im going through the same sort of thing i have just found out im pregnant with my 4 th child and really would prefur while having my c-section i had my tubes tide at the same time well since im there might as well i dont want any more kids 4 is really enough lol but everyone says no dont i say yes do lol

had 2 C-SECTION and a proud mum

I am having mine done in a few weeks. Although they say it's keyhole surgery I figure whilst they are there the can do it and it was actually the ob who suggested it in the first place. You Do what feels right for you at the end of the day it's your choice. All the best.

Well I have had mine done, and am extremely happy, cycle back to normal since having my 1st over 13yrs ago! I had so many problems with other types of contraceptives and my cycles and turned into a psycho monster at times!

Yes my cycle is back to normal. Like you, I've had heaps of trouble with other contraceptives and having my tubes done is definitely the best out of all of the things I've tried.
Im planning on doing exactly this when the OB is getting my next baby out, Due in April, Its too dangerous for me to have another baby so its the best choice for us, Ive got a few friends who have done this without issues and a one who had it done with her last ceaser and no problems, Im hoping for no probs as well smile

Definitly do your research and talk to as many medical people you can, get second and third opinions and make sure you get all the information you can before you make a decission

All the best

RotoruaNZ - Brayden May 05 & Lacey Dec 09

Its very final... I think that unless you are 100% you should give it a few more years smile you never know how you might feel further down the track.
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