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VBAC after non progressing labour Lock Rss

HI so was wondering if anyone else had a similar experience to me. Bascically I lost my mucos plug at 9am, then for the rest of the day was having light mild cramps every 5 mins which were so small i paid no attention. Then around 5pm my waters broke, suddenly I was violently shaking with cold and vomiting. As I had been diagnosed with grouo B strep we went straight into the hospital. once there i was hooked up to the monitors, The nurse asked how long i'd been having full contractions for, turns out the mild cramps were registering as full blown contractions and I should have been 8cm dilated by the look of how stong they were. Suddenly my temp was through the roof and they told me that bubs heart rate was dangerously high. we were rushed to theatre where bubs cut out and arrived "pale,blue and floppy" (these are the words on his hospital card) he was rushed of to recieve special care ( ididnt see him for hours) and had to stay in hosp on iv fluids and anti biotics for 7 days though thankfully he was out of the humidy-crib after one day. turned out he had managed to pick up the group b strep in utero. anyway sorry for boring you all but what im wondering is if i never progressed, never realised i was in labour and managed to make bubs sick with an infection i naturally carry befroe he even entered the birth canal is there any chance that i might have a natural birth. i was planning a drug free birth this time so it was all a bit traumati for me though im just happy to have a healthy wee man now
My situation was a lot different to yours, but I will tell you what happen with me. I had a elective c-section with my son because he was breech. Then I tried for VBAC with my next and failed to progress past 5cm dilated, had to have emergency c-section. My labor started a lot like yours. Last baby I decided that I couldn't go through that again, so I had her by elective c-section. They said that most likely I would not be able to birth the baby vaginally, so was safer for me and her to have c-section. In your case it depends on what you know you can handle. I would ask OB lots of questions and see what they think. Maybe just from what you've said that the strep might have been behind all of what you went through. Your poor body having to fight Strep and trying to birth a baby. Then to have bubs taken away from you sick would've been horrible. I think if you are well this time around that you should try for VBAC, but also go into it accepting that a c-section might be needed. It is really what ever you are mentally able to deal with.
hi there, i cant help in regards to the strep but I am 5weeks with #2.
My dd was a 2day failed induction done incorrectly then a c-section I couldnt dilate at all not a mm but this is no surpirse as my induction was done so poorly, I never had a chance to get it going.
I already have a midwife and my first visit is next week, shes great when i phoned to book her (differnt midwife this time last one was great too though)she took the time to talk with me which i didnt expect. She said I have 70% chance of a vaginal delivery as long as i go into labour spontaneously. Once you have a cesar scar you can not have an induction. You need to do it all by yourself, and they wont let you labour longer than 18hrs. So bit concerned that I start and then end up rushed in as a emergency instead of elective as I think that would be harder and scarier. But im going to give it a go. You will have more of a chance to me as you did actually go into labour, i didnt get that far so for you your body knows what it needs to do where as mine will be like starting from scracth and we all know how long first time labours can go for lol more than 18hrs. Good luck I hope everything works out
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