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Just curious when do c sec actually get done? Is it 38wks or 39?
Just depends on your Dr. and your circumstances as to why you are having one. With bub no.2 I had it at 39 weeks but my friend had hers both at 38 weeks.
Mine was 39.5 weeks. They seem to usually do them around 39 weeks these days
Your OB will discuss it with you. My 2nd one was planned but as I was having it in a country town and not a big city I wasn't given a date until only the day before. My OB started checking my cervix from 38 weeks and would only do it once I seemed ready to go naturally smile
I think each 'ob/gyn' to thier own. I had an emergency c section with my dd1 at 36 weeks. 2 years later, my dd2 was delivered via c section also at 36 weeks.

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