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C-section in public system (south aus) Lock Rss

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has any idea as to what my rights are as a public patient in South Australia about getting a c-section done for my first pregnancy? I'm not asking because I'm someone who is afraid of the pain of natural birth or think it will magically be better for my body or anything, I'd just like to know what my options are fully. If anyone has any info/advice it would be so helpful! Thank you =]
I am in Victoria, and had an elective CS for my second bub (on previous emergency CS doctor advice though). To do it through the public hospital, I had to get a list of the OB's that service the hospital, choose an OB, and see the OB privately for my appointments, and he booked me in at the public hospital for my CS. So, it did cost me because I had to pay him for each check up, and he had a booking fee (or something?? Can't remember what they called it, but it was payable during the second half of my pregnancy). But it was much much cheaper than private hospital even if i had insurance (i don't). Everything at the hospital was medicare covered, it was just my OB consults I paid for. Hope that helps at all smile
I am in SA and went private so not 100%sure but this is what all my friends have said. One asked for a c-section for her first and was refused as they prefer not to. The ones that have had them have all had emergency c-sections. I think that if you are wanting one you are better off going private as you have more say in it. Also for inductions they will make you wait till your 10days over at least before inducing you and most are 14days+ as they just dont have the space.
I also know that at out local hospital they will more than likely end you down to town for a planned c-section as there is more risk to you and the bubs and they dont have the rooms for people to stay longer than 3days.
Hope that helps, as I said I went private so not 100% sure what they do.

I'm in SA, public patient. I had a c section for medical reasons.

They will only do a c section in a public hospital if it is medically required, no other reason. If you really want a c section, you will have to be admitted as a private patient & pay for it. Not cheap.

I wouldn't go down the c section path 'just because'. You are very limited as to what you can & cannot do after the surgery.

Have a chat to your dr or OB about everything & hope all goes well for the birth & beyond.
Don't get a Csection 'just because' it is really hard work, Ive had one emergency C-section because I lost too much blood and they nearly lost both me and my son, and Ive also had an elective because of the damage left behind after the first, I can not natually have any more babies and even another pregnancy is very high risk.
A c-section is scary and very restricting, you can not do things like drive to teh shops for a bottle of milk for 6 weeks after because insurance company will not cover you after major abdominal surgery (thats what a ceaser is classed as) you can not bend over to pick up your child, you can not do the dishes, do washing, vacumm the house, the list goes on.
You can risk not having you milk come down after a ceaser, you end up with no feeling across your tummy because of the nerve damage from having being cut open.

RotoruaNZ - Brayden May 05 & Lacey Dec 09

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