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Nervous/anxiety/who knows what.... Lock Rss

Hi Ladies

I am an anxiety/ex-PND sufferer and was just wondering whether it is possible for (just after the c-section) to take something to calm me down - i.e. xanax ?

I remember with my first baby that I was stressing so much about my heart rate (listening to the monitor) that I wasnt even concerned about the baby.

I am just so affraid of the op etc etc and I said to the OBGYN if there is anything I can take prior or during to calm me down and he said "no".

Has anyone had any experience or can give some advice ??

I am not sure if there is anything you can take but ask you doctor ect
i know how you feel about the op as i am scheduled for mine next thursday and am so nervous about it i have had 2 emergancy and they were all good i just cant get my head around knowing exactly when i am going in and having to sit there and wait for my turn i am going to be so ill that day from worry i think. I am secretly hoping i go early so it is an emergancy again

Anyways i hope you can get an answer to you question
i was wondering that myself last night. I wonder if they can give you anything to calm you just before and during the procedure. I reckon I will be a total stress case for at least the week before my scheduled op... i remember with my last one my blood pressure went through the floor and they had to get me going again with some upper type thingy. i am certain it was my stress levels among other things that caused this. hopefully you find out an answer! we can do this smile

38 weeks and 2 days

Maybe when you book into hospital talk to the Midwife. Might be worth getting them to take you through what will happen before the c-section, so that you are more relaxed on the day. You can still discuss with them and work out a birth plan. Don't be afraid to let them know that you have anxiety and depression as this allows them to give you the best care. They won't let you have anything before hand because it will sedate the baby. But I know what you mean, would be good to have something to settle the mind. As hard as it is to speak up, it will help you in the long run.

I will tell you what I remember of my last c-section. I arrived at the hospital at 7.30am and went up to Midwifery Floor. Was given a room to wait in. A Midwife was assigned to me. She went through the normal forms and questions. Did Obs, blood pressure and all that. Got me ready for theatre. Anesthatist came in and filled out his forms. Walked around to theatre with Midwife. Had an Epidural with this one. Put the heart monitor stickers on you and drip in hand. Then get you to sit on the edge of the trolly/bed thing and bend over as far as you can go (which is not far with a baby in your tummy lol), they then place the needles in one by one down your spine, now this sounds worse than what it is, they're fine needles, it stings a bit. What I did while they were doing this was hold onto my Midwifes hand and talk to her while distracting my self by wriggling my toes and concentrating on my breathing. Once you're numb they'll put the catheter in your urethra(yucko)for your wee. Then they take you into theatre, hook you upto the machines, put the sheet up so you cann't see what's doing on the other end. I don't know about you but I like knowing what they were doing, so the Midwife and Drs told me what they were doing. If you feel discomfort or Pain don't be scared to tell the staff. I did feel pain and once they got Neeve out they put me under. But I have a history of this happening to me, so it might never happen to you. I woke up out in the recovery room. They had these stockings things on me that were hooked up to a machine that sort of massaged the legs to get the circulation going and help the epidural wear of quicker. I went back to the ward, where Neeve was waiting for me. I did this with my mum this time, as my husband was held up in Sydney and couldn't make it back till 1pm the day of the c-section. Mum loved it and was such an awesome support. She got to cut Neeve's cord and everything.

I found that there was not that much difference between emergency and elective c-sections in what they did. But elective was way less stress. Not as exhausted after hours of labour. The staff aren't rushing around you. Everything seemed more relaxed.
hey there im pregnant with #2 and know how you feel. I had failed induction for 2 days sleeping each night in the delivery room listening to all the other mums giving birth before finally the next day they did a c-sect (i have since found out they incorectly did my induction aswell). My midwife prepd me gave me meds for nausea put my catheder in before going to theater it didnt hurt didnt even feel it. then walked down to theather with hubby and midwife. sat on edge of bed and started hyperventilating and freaking out, its very scary heaps of people coming and going and machines making noises but the people were lovely. My midwife had to grab my shoulders put my hands on hers and help me to breath through the spinal being done my heart beat hit the roof but once she calmed me down it was ok. I am hoping to have a VBAC this time she said 70% chance if i can go into spontaneous labour but because ihave a c-sec scar i can not be induced and i can only labour 18hrs so if i have to have a c-sec this time it might be an emergency one, this actually scares me more. I feel now that having a c-sect scheduled although id be really nervous i know what is going to happen where as i dont know what to expect with a vaginall birth or with emergency c-sect.

Dont know if you believe in natural things but some people take homeopathics and you could check with midwife they shouldnt affect the anisthetic but could help calm you down and they wont have any affect on the baby.

Good luck and take care
Thanks Girls......I guess it has to come out one way or another. Perspective is hard at the moment !!!!! smile

RelliMC, I PM'd you the same question because I know you've been through a few !!! I ended up with a spinal block cause I could still feel them after the epidurals.

Yeah, god knows what I'll be like on the day but I guess talking to the staff would help alot.

I just want my husband to administer xanax straight after if thats ok !!!! hahahahahahaha
Yeah CL I did get that PM, but when I tried to answer it the stupid computer come up with an error or something and I couldn't post it. So I posted it here and it worked. Yes my first one was a spinal block and I had way less break through pain, only a little discomfort under the ribs which passed quickly. I wish I had've insist on a spinal block with my last one. They may take longer to wear off, but they block the pain way better and less needles:) There are some naturopaths that specialise is women, that may have something natural that you can take. Or maybe you could look into meditation or relaxation techniques of some sort. I do agree still that it would be much easier if you could take something to help the anxiety.
So you are having a planned Caesar? How far on in your pregnancy are you?
There is much that can be done to help ease you concerns.

This is not just about the caesar though I suspect, isn't it also about the worry of getting PND again?

If you would like to PM me I can give you some more specific advice.
Yes there are anti-depressants that are safe to take while pregnant. I was taking Effexor XR from 29week into my pregnancy with my second baby. I was prescribed Zoloft for my last pregnancy, but didn't take it and wished I had've now.
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