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Bleeding after c sect Lock Rss

Hello ladies just a question that I feel silly about asking but need to know. I am having a c sect next week my first and was just curious do you bleed straight away like you do when you give birth or is is like a day or so because I guess it's not natural? Do you wear your granny undies with pad straight away before the c section or does the bleeding start afterwards. Sounds silly i know but i really have no idea... unsure
pretty sure I was straight away.
straight away... make sure to have your granny knickers & pad ready... However I was hooked up to so much stuff that I was actually naked from the waist down with a hospital maternity pad just sitting there that the nurse would come & change for me... but mine was emergency so not too sure. Goodluck!!
wink It's straight away unfortunatly. I've had 2 c's now and the bleeding was different with both. The first was really light and only lasted about 2-3 weeks but the second was rather heavy and lasted 6 weeks. Good luck any way and wear those granny undies wink

Hope, SA, 3girls Jasmine , Millicent & Phoebe

Thank you I really had no clue and now I'm prepared. I will make sure to wear my sexy granny undies...
You won't be wearing them for theatre because they'll insert a catheter and then after they'll put a pad there for you. Within the first 12 hours or so though you'll be able to get up and then you'll be need the granny knickers.
yep straight away, sorry, lol. I had 2 cs and both times have been in theatre without knickers because catheter was in and you come out with a huge pad between your legs, sorry TMI i know smile and the nurse comes to change it, awful I know. I wasn't allowed to get up til the next morning and definately bring out the granny knickers!
Fist time AF lasted 1 week, 2nd time AF was heavy and nearly 6 weeks.
Good luck with everything!
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