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Bleeding after ceasearen? Lock Rss

Funnily enough I had NO bleeding at all for first two weeks. Both my obstetrician and midwife said it was very unusual.

In the end I went back to the obstetrician and he did an ultra sound which showed their was still blood in the uterus. He then then started the bleeding through a dilation. It was heavy for a couple of days and one week later I'm still bleeding although very lightly.

Even though this is unusual thought I'd put it out there just in case anyone else has the same thing! I could tell I still needed to bleed as I felt very 'heavy' - a bit like before a period.

Other than that I can say my c-section was brilliant. A very good experience!
I had very heavy bleeding for the first week but as the weeks progressed the flow started to ease and then stopped.
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