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Choosing elective c-sect after 2 difficult vaginal births. Lock Rss

I had 2 large overdue babies with labours that were slow to progress. My first was induced at 10days over and he was 8lb10oz my second I went into labour naturally at 10days over but labour was very slow to progress (2cm in 8 hours of back to back contractions) and she was born after 14 hours - she was 9lb3oz. I'm scared to do it again, both of them were posterior also, so choosing a c-sect this time. Just wondering if anyone else is/was in a similar situation - choosing a c-sect over a vaginal birth that most people would consider as a great birth (as despite their size I had no tearing and needed no vacuum/forceps).
i don't quite understand why you would choose major abdominal surgery over a vaginal birth (even if it is long)? Do you realise that it will take six weeks to recover, you will not be able to drive, lift, things do your normal activities?

You say you had no tears or stiches, so basically you would have recovered almost imidiately.

I too had long, difficult labours (one was posterior) and had complications from the epidulral, which left me in hospital for 3 weeks and i still suffer from it now, 5 1/2 years later and there is no way i would consider an elective c-section.

Yes the though of another long/painful labour is terrifing and daunting but i think you really need to sit down and think about it and do the pros and cons of this situation and do what is best in the long run not just for the duration of the labour.

good luck

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My 3 were all posterier, vaginal births, so I get where you are coming from. Have you considered being induced? I went for that with my 3rd. Doc advised to induce about 39wks, which we did. It was a very quick labour, painful of course, but not for hours on end. Was serious for about 2 hours only. My decision was based on - it would most likely be quick, more control of the likelihood of things going wrong, if there was any trouble, the doc was right there and could A) have an epidural, B)do a C-section immediately if needed. I was concerned about something going wrong by leaving nature to do it's course due to my previous history, and felt this way I was aiming for a vaginal delivery, but had the medical support should something happen. It's a step to consider between letting it all happen naturally and haveing a c-section.
I went early so I have no idea on what you went through but sounds painfull. I have to aggree with the inducing, I was induced and the whole thing went for 6 hours. I had doctors and nurses there to check on me. The whole experience was great.
A friend of mine however had her bowel tear for her first and it was a horrible experience so she opted for a ceaserean for the second which they were glad to do. They did it when she was 39 week.
I would talk to you doctor about your options.
i elected for a c section with my 6th, after 1 episiotomy, 2 2nd degree tears and 2 normal tears, and the 5th being a very traumatic labour/birth i was petrified of birthing naturally again, size wasnt really an issue, although my smallest was 8 pound 9 and largest 11 pound 7. explain your fears to the obs, they can be very understanding. in saying this, although i dont regret my decision, i had complications with my c section and required more surgery 8 months on and have only just recovered from that. good luck smile

OP you didnt mention what kind of pain relief you had with your births? i agree with most PPs tho that opting for a C-sec may not be your best option because of the recovery time afterwards. if your finding the idea of another vaginal birth scary maybe discuss better pain relief with your obs/ MW? epidural or pethadine rather then just the gas, also condider your birthing position, if bubs is posterior then laying back sitting is not the best option maybe consider crouching or kneeling? there are many other options to look at and you can always discuss the option of beginning a natural labour and if you find its too much then they can do a C-sect. if it were me id give my body the chance to do it naturally (at least to begin with) remember all births are different and you may find this bub comes nice and fast and never know smile all the best with whatever you choose X
Hi, I had a vaginal delivery with DD1. 18 hours of labour, not progressing well so was induced and had an epidural. She ended up being delivered by vaccuum and I had second degree tearing. After her birth I ended up with a severe uterine prolapse which is being managed by a pessary. I will need to have surgery in the future to fix it.
I had DD2 4 and a half months ago by elective c-section. During my pregnancy, my prolapse gave me a lot of problems and I suffered from pelvic instability. My ob and I decided that I should have a c-section because of my traumatic 1st delivery. To be honest, I was so bad at the end I don't think I could have pushed her out. Recovery for me took about 8 weeks. I would do it again tomorrow.
It's up to you what you want to do, you know your body the best, don't let other people scare you. I found my birth experience with DD2 so much better than DD1 and I've bonded quicker with her. It doesn't matter which way you give birth, it's still an incredible experience.
Good luck.

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