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Bleeding on mini pill after c section Lock Rss

I had a non elective c section 4 and a half weeks ago and had very little bleeding afterwards. Thus I went to my dr and she put me on the mini pill, which I started at 3 weeks. I have now been on it a bit over a week and have started to bleed quite a bit...not so much to leave a lot of blood on my pad, put every time I use the toilet there is quite a bit. I rang the 24 hour health line, the nurse said it could be my period, then went to the doctor yesterday who said it could be a result of the mini pill and this could go on for upto 6 months.
Just wondering who else has used the mini pill and what side effects they have had.
Hey, I started the mini pill 6 weeks after bubs was born and started bleeding a week later. The ob said that it would happen, I haven't had a period since and that was 5 months ago. Apart from that haven't had any side effects, just very hard to remember to take at the same time each day.
I went on the mini pill after the birth of my first (natural birth), and it made me bleed straight away and I would bleed every 2 weeks... after 3 months I got so sick of bleeding I stopped taking it!!
hi. after the birth of my first bub (not c-sect) i went on the mini pill after about 3 months..had had no bleeding since the inital after birth bleeding. within a week of beginning the mini pill i bled..and it continued for nearly 2months..Dr kept saying 'its ok its just your body adjusting to the hormones' so i went to a diff dr(an Obs) who said that it was my body rejecting the pill and that because of this i would be unable to take it as an effective contraceptive..apparently this is actually really common on the mini pill. i stoped taking it and found out i was already 7 weeks preg with #2 despite being on the pill, breastfeeding AND bleeding....short of it, talk to a Dr smile
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