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exercise after a c-section Lock Rss

i had a cs 4weeks ago and was starting to think about wat kind of exercise i can do in a couple of weeks once ive healed up abit more.
i have my sisters wedding to go to in 7weeks and im a bridesmaid for her.
i tried my dress on today and its really small on me even though they ordered 2sizes bigger just incase i didnt loose weight after the birth.
but i wasnt expecting to have a cs and bubs was 15days late so i thought i would have plenty of time to loose abit of the weight after the birth
I was advised to start walking from about 6 weeks but nothing strenuous for 3 months. Is there anything you can change in your diet?

I started walking 4 weeks after my c-section

I didn't start anything more strenuous than walking until 3 months. You also need to be cautious with anything abdominal for around 6ths I found.

I agree with an OP. I think trying to monitor your food (responsibly) is a healthier way to try and lose weight than attempting any strenuous exercise too soon after major surgery

Good Luck smile
i am 10 weeks post
started driving after two weeks
walking at three weeks
gym, yoga and pilates at seven weeks
I am 10 weeks after my second CS and have found this to be a much better recovery than the first. I started slow walking after the first week on the flat and now try to walk everywhere - I have heard it called the pram diet! The weight is slow to move but I am feeling good getting out and about with a newborn and a toddler.

Goodluck with the wedding!
I walked small distances everyday on flat surfaces. Even though you might feel good dont push it, because its not now you will pay it will be later on in life you will have trouble. I didnt loose much weight even though I breastfed, but I found that most of it was fluid not fat. Remember it took you 9 months to put on take weight off slowly as well. Dont stress and enjoy your new bub!
thanks. i wasnt expecting to be able to do anything much.
i still have a couple of weeks to go so might loose abit more weight and if not can get the dress taken out.
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