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Flat stomach tips after caesar Lock Rss

There's a product called Belly Bandit which is a wrap that velcro's around your belly. It is specifically for after pregnancy, especially for after a C-section.

I used mine after DS was born and it was AMAZING! Not only helps flatten your belly but supports your back and helps with pain.

You can get them online, in baby stores or even Myer. They're not cheap (~$80) but so worth the investment. I wore mine practically full time for 6 weeks and have loaned it out to many friends.

the nurses will go through some exercises to help contract your uterus and your abdominal wall after a c-ser (any birth really) basically its like a stomach clench, you hold it for a period of time then release. you do a few reps of these during the day and it helps a lot
Just started getting those wraps and they are working so well look me up on face book ItWorksByAndrea
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