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2nd child, but having a c-sect Lock Rss

oh yes ... forget about modesty of any kind ... oh, and if you don't "groom down there" they'll also give you a bit of a shave ... my hubby was like "I think I've seen just about everything now" once the whole experience was over, lol
Good luck. I hope everything goes well for you. My experience with an elective was pretty much like the pp's have said. It was very relaxed. My little boy was handed to me as soon as they cut the cord and the Paed gave him a quick lookover. I was able to hold him for the rest of the procedure, then in recovery he had a little breastfeed. He had trouble maintaining his temp so skin to skin was the best way to regulate his temp. He was born just after 9am and I was up and about that afternoon but I put that down to having a fantastic anaesthetist. He was very generous with pain relief afterwards, so I was able to move pretty easily.

And yes I got a gorgeous pubic mullet from the midwives too. lol

Petal, NSW, Mini Cooper 10.3.07

I'm hoping I can be up and about ASAP while dosed up on pain meds haha!

It's all good with the shaving, it's a ritual for me so I'll save them some time and make sure I'm up to scratch up my grooming laugh

Went for a swim yesterday...felt great while it lasted. Am on bedrest today and on panadeine extra for the pain angry So have to rest up for the next couple days now so I can just move for grocery, bub shopping and hospital on Wednesday...I swear this is beyond a joke sometimes. Just hope now that everything goes to plan and we'll see our little boy sooner rather than later!

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So here we go....

Well here goes....basically I hate the public system. After them seeing how much pain i'm in, me telling them how much pain im in (even mentioning the vomiting from it, the shits from it and the anxiety/panic attacks from it) and the fact that I scored a 2nd degree prolapse from having Isabelle (so I in fact have the bladder/girly bits of an 80 year old) the consultant that makes the decisions about who can and cannot have a csect, told me no.
They said that having a child naturally will not make it any worse than it is....that is F'ing bullshit!! So the midwife comes back and says that they had said no...but I told them no I feel that it is best for me if I have one because of the pain I am in, and the issues that I got from isabelle (all in all I had the pubic symphasis disfunction thing, damaged tailbone and prolapse from such a fast 2nd stage labour). So the midwife proceded to say that I could always have an epidural so that I won't be in pain during labour...I told her 'that is not the point of the matter' 'plus that is the worst thing that you can have when you have problems with the pubic bone, and this will not solve my concern about damaging my bits even further and potentially having to have a hysterectomy'. SOoooooo....
She goes on to say that I could always see the physio to help deal with my pain.... I told her that i've been seeing a chiro for the past 12 weeks and I'm now at the point where things like this will not work for long due to my current size and stage in pregnancy...PLUS like hell I want to travel an hour to see a physio at the hospital...thats bloody fuel money we don't have!
So have another appointment next week to meet with the consultant. They don't do csects to 39-40 weeks ( *** if you ask me, like hell i'll last that long), and i'm an hour away from hospital. So next wednesday i'll be pleading my case...even though I do have a right to give birth the way I please, cuz the public system just *** me off today!

Midwife at our small town hospital (had to go to hossy on saturday cuz of the pain) said I had a good case for csect due to how I was feeling, what she could see of my current physical and mental state.

this is what the midwife wrote in my blue book today (might be minus a few words as I cannot read it easily)should be bolded what was exactly written:
Prolapse -> Gyn Dr Gordon Cervix at (basically have a prolapse that just sits at the entrance)
Backache and pelvic pain -> Panadeine Forte
Patient wants to have csect for fear of worsening her prolapse and increasing pelvic pain. Refuses physio referral
(hell I live an hour away from the hospital already and don't have the money to travel that far for physio as I'm already seeing a chiro which isn't working anymore in my late stage of preg).
(midwife) Discussed with consultant, consultant not keen for csect. Patient still keen so *something* for consultant clinic next week. Sent for medical records (from my gyno)

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I have had 2 c sections..first emergency and the second elective. The elective i found to be less traumatic and very calm. The theatre staff were amazing and very reassuring. The girls have pretty much summed it up as to what happens in theatre.

My little boy had to be taken out at 37 weeks. I had a few complications and the doctors weren't willing to take the risk in letting me go to long -gestational diabetes, excessive amniotic fluid and he was measuring quite large. Mind you I was having braxton hicks from 4 - 5 months pregnancy and was extremely uncomfortable. Due to the exccessive amniotic fluid the doctor said it was like carrying twins for me.

I was admitted into hospital 2 days prior to the procedure as they gave me steroids to make sure his lungs could mature. He weighed 3.8 kg and had i have gone all the way he would have been huge.

I just think if you are in extreme pain you need to do what is right for you and your baby. If the risks are very high, the doctor will definately recommend having the procedure done earlier.
Sorry I just read you last reply..sorry to hear that they won't do it for you..nobody understood how I felt - my partner thought I was milking it - I wanted to scream.. 7 months of horrible morning sickness to add to the complications.. Unless they have been there they don't understand. Some doctors can be soooo flipant..
Well I finally had an appointment with the cesarean consultant and he's agreed (along with the knowledge of my doctor recommending I get one) to allow me to have a cesarean smile

So unless bub comes early (in which it'll be a quick 1 hr ambulance ride to the hospital hopefully in time for a csect), bub will be here on Monday the 14th November smile So the countdown has begun!!!!

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