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I was wondering if anyone has had an elective cesarean due to SPD? I have just moved across to Rockhampton from NZ so i dont know what OBs are like in Australia. I got SPD really bad my last two pregnancies and in the end could leave the house due to the pain and got induced a few days before EDD but was made to be active during labour which was horrible as the pain worsened and relied on codine just to get some sleep at night as the pain made it unbearable to sleep during the last 5 weeks of pregnancy. Im only 5 weeks now and havent seen a doctor yet so i dont know the process of thing over here.

Thanks in advance for any help smile
All I can say is goodluck. I am having the same issue now. I have SPD (not diagnosed officially but has been recognised by my GP), and I am having excruciating pain in my whole pelvis which I have to be on panadeine forte to help with the pain now. I went to have my hospital appointment last week requesting a c-section because of this and my prolapse and the c-section consultant flat out said no. Midwife came back and 'suggested' the possibility of an epidural to help with the pain, but she of all people should know that this is the worst thing to do for someone with SPD. Not only that, I had my first child quite fast and there is only a small window of opportunity for an epi when you're in labour....I live an hour away from the nearest hospital that can administer this...GO FIGURE. And they won't do c sections til 39-40 weeks....I'm sorry but I know I won't last that long lol!

I have an appointment again next wednesday and can let you know how I go, because I am in the same position where I struggle on a daily basis just to walk to the toilet, moving around is excruciating, and now bubs head is right down low I am at my wits end.

But if you want a c-section hun, fight tooth and nail to get one if that is what YOU want. Only YOU know what is best for YOUR body. Don't let them tell you otherwise. Just make sure you read up all you can on them so that when you do request one, you are knowledgeable enough to have made an informed decision.

Good luck with everything gasp)

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Oh thank you that would be great.

I was hoping since i have suffered from it twice now and its only getting worse with each pregnacy they might let me.

In NZ the last OB i saw was not very nice and gave 4 codine to last the 6 weeks of my last pregnacy sad I had to take them just so i could sleep at night without the worry of the pain and even with taking them i still couldnt roll over etc.

I had tried the physio, the belt, crutches, accupunture, chiroprictor swimming nothing eased the pain at all and it was a huge waste of money and time.

I have 2 little ones as well that i have chase after so im hoping they might be abit smyptotheic lol
I'm not sure if you can elect for one maybe if you explain your circumstances they might be ok with it.
I too suffer from SPD and it was a lot worse in my 2nd pregnancy and tried the belt and physio but no relief I just decided to deal with it even though it was very painful till the end. I had an elective C section for my 2nd as my first ended in emergency C section. We are now trying for #3 and SPD is the only thing I'm not looking forward to and either is DH.
I feel your pain it's not easy, the things we do for our babies

Just to let you know, with my doctor recommendation and the fact that I was adament that myself and bub would benefit from a c-section birth in my current condition...I have been booked in for a c-section on the 14th November smile If I last that long hahaha! If I go into labour earlier, they will perform an emergency c-section for me.

But yes, just thought i'd get back to you with the verdict smile


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I spent a week in hospital trying to learn how to walk with SPD. I am allergic to codiene so had no help. But accupuncture did work for me for two days. Then I'd have to go back. I found a guy that bulk bills and he's amazing.
I was induced at 38weeks due to a whole host of things and they gave me an epidural despite my SPD and I came out fine grin No problems. About 8hrs later I had an emergency csec.
You just need to mention it to your midwife/doctor. Good luck!

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