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What to pack for a caesarean birth Lock Rss

Hello im having an elective c section at 39 weeks due to tramatic birth of my niece which i witnessed which lead to her death at 5 days old. The hospital has admitted fault. So my ob has recommened me to have a c section as he said my labour wont proceed the way it should after being so tramatic with me niece.
So what do i pack in my bag for me c section?
What clothes did you wear?
How long were you in hospital for your first c section so i know how much to pack for bubs?
I'm sorry you had to witness a traumatic birth of your niece, how awful for you all sad

On what to pack, I had lots of loose fitting undies, some comfy pants I had my maternity track pants so because I had lost my bump they were nice a loose around my cut. I just wore maternity singlets and a jacket the whole time I was in hospital and loose pj pants for bed. I was in hospital for 4 nights. But it all depends on how your recovery and how bubs is going too.

For bubs we just packed lots of jumpsuits and singlets, nappies were supplied so we didn't need to worry about them. I had my daughter in May so it was quite cool.

Good luck smile
I just took extra undies and bras, long pj pants that where lose. Change of clothes for when you go home.

nana knickers. nice & high to sit above the suture line. you may not be sore, but it may irritate. sanitary pads. you'll be fine. good luck smile
Thank you so much ladies that has helped me out so much so i will go and start getting my bag organised. Thanks again. Im very nervous and scarred but just cant wait to have him in our arms.
Hi, I would suggest buy the disposable underwear like depend underwear. I used this about 2 packs for 1 week stay in the hospital. less mess with the sanitary pads. best of luck! and congratulations!
I was also worried a night before my c sect i couldnt sleep at all. but very happy inside:)
Not something you'll need in hospital, but afterward, you might want to think about picking up some long wound dressings (non adhesive) similar to what the hospital will use. Not all wounds are 100% closed when you leave (mine took a month to fully close).
I agree with the big/nanna undies. Wasnt prepared for my emerg c/s and had to get my mum to go get me some! Also, plenty of maternity pads if they aren't provided, and breast pads for when your milk comes in.

I was in for 2 weeks for my first, but that's because she was in neonates for a little while and we lived an hour drive away and I couldnt drive anyway, so they found a long-stay room for me. For my second emergency c/s I chose to leave after 3 nights as I wanted to get home to my little one.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
I agree with all the pp about the granny undies and loose trackies.

I would also say make sure you pack a sipper drink bottle and non messy snacks like muesli bars that you can eat in bed... I was stuck in bed for two days and found eating normal food and drinking from a cup hard while in bed!

Also I felt really cold for the first few hours after the operation and needed a warm jersey so I would pack one of those too smile

Some nice face wipes come in handy too so you can freshen up if you can't get up for a shower as soon as you'd like.

Best of luck smile
I just wore t-shirts and like others lose trousers. My hospital provided clothes for the baby while in hospital so ask your midwife about that. You will need something for the baby to come home in.
I'm sorry to hear about your niece. I had to have a c-section as my girl was breached. We were in hospital for 5 nights mainly due to my daughter being so small. It also gave me time to recover and get used to my new born. Good luck.
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