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What pain relief can you take after the caesar? Lock Rss

I've got a planned caesar in a couple of weeks and was wondering what pain killers can be taken after the surgery has been done. Is it just panadol or can u take stronger things even if you are breastfeeding?
Don't worry!!!

In hospital they will keep you pretty well medicated, panadol, and voltaren regularly plus oxycottin, morphine etc when you ask for it.

The first couple of days will be painful, but after that it isn't too bad.

Good luck (planned is a lot easier as you are not exhausted from the labour) smile
Just a word of warning though ... they will give you pain relief however certain medication causes constipation ... just beware smile Maybe take something to counteract that effect roll eyes

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

Yes like the others said, the hospital will give you something and will monitor you as well. After a few days I just took Panadol. After about a week I didn't need anything. Talk to your carer.
I took Panadol combined with Voltaren, but the nurses will have you all sorted out. Don't worry and good luck with your new bubba smile
After my c-section they gave me a cocktail or painkillers over the following days! Everything from panadol and voltarin to stronger painkillers including Endone and Panadene Forte - there was also another which I can't remember the name of. They also sent me home with a script so I had access to all the same medications at home but after 3 - 4 days I didn't really need to take anything. Recovery time was way quicker than I expected. I second the advice re: constipation, the medication caused that in me (first time I'd experienced it) and it was horrendous, so definitely ask for something to counteract it - prevention is better than cure!
after my cs i got given panadol, and voltaren to take as they forgot to prescribe me codiene so i had to go to the docs to get it as i was in to much pain and woke up one night unable to move i think cause i was busting to go to the toilet and think it was putting presure on my scar or something. was awful
u gotta make sure u keep on top of the painkillers.
after about a week i stopped taking codiene and after about 2 weeks stopped the voltaren and just took panadol when needed.
codiene can make u constipated tho so stock up on prunes lol

panadol was every 4hours, codiene was every 4 hours i think and voltaren was twice a day.
I had regular panadol (6 hourly) and oxycodone (endone) when I needed it, whilst in hospital. Didn't get constipated - thanks to voltaren - which made me feel like I was in labour again tongue So I couldn't go home on it. They gave me a script for oxycodone, but my pain disappeared when I got home. I think it was mainly caused by the uncomfortable hospital bed.
day one and two I had a morphine pump, day 3 to 5 I took a mixture of tramadol (sp? I think its morphine based but in a tablet) voltarin and panadol, and until recently (c sect was 4 weeks ago) I have just been taking voltarin and panadol.

I'm not sure how much of this goes into your breast milk, but my midwives said if you don't take your pain relief then your milk supply can be delayed in coming in because you are in pain. Some times with c sects it is delayed anyway so its important to keep yourself comfortable. Mine didn't come in until day 5 sad hate to think how long it would take if I wasn't dosed up!
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