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Back Pain after an Epidural Lock Rss

A year ago I had to have an emergency caesarean. During the pregnancy I was fortunate enough to not experience any back pain. However, since the epidural I have been experiencing lower back pain which shoots pain into my legs. I have heard that women who have an epidural experience this after pain.

I've seen an Osteopath and chiropractor which helps only temporarily. Has anyone or is anyone experiencing the same and what have you done to deal with it. Does it end?
I had horrible pain after my epidural. They told me that it would go within a few weeks. It was more like a few months. I would maybe go back and ask questions, because I'm pretty sure it shouldn't still be causing you pain.
Yes i had BAD back pain after my epidural, but it only lasted 2 weeks, like rellimc said it shouldnt still be causing you pain :/
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