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TTC and got told next bub had to be c section Lock Rss

Just wanted to get some info.
After my son was born nearly 4 years ago i was told i would need a c section as bub was too big and i would tear worse (9.9 pound) so it has taken me a while to try for another (a bit scared of c section) but i dont want to be awake and i want the IV drip out soon after i wake up as when i had my son they put the IV drip in my hand and A stupid nurse did something silly and now i hate them i freak out at the word IV thinking about it i feel sick. So wondering would i be able to be knocked out and IV drip out after. Not to sure about the IV but thought if some one has had an experience it would be nice to be prepared EARLY....
I am currently 21 weeks with bub no #3. My 1st DS was an emergency ceasar and then when pregnant with my 2nd DD I was told I had to have another c section as my DD was going to be a big baby 9 pound plus!!! I wanted to have a VBAC (vaginal birth after ceasarian) but was scared out of it by my doctor telling me about uterine tearing!! So I had the ceasar!! DD was born 6 pound 5 ounces. And I was gutted about being talked into having the ceasar!!! So with this one I have researched all my options (uterine tearing has a 1% chance after 1 ceasar and a 1.7% after 2. While there is a 5% chance of something else happening while on the operating table during a ceasar!!!! I am sticking to my guns about having a VBAC this time round!!! Obviously every circumstance is different and you have any medical background that makes you need to have a ceasar then you should work with your doctor, however it is your body and your baby and the dr should be working with you to come up with a solution that you are both happy with!!! If ur dr isnt listening to your wants and concerns then remember he/she isnt the only dr out there. is a great site to get alot of info about birthing options!! Hope this helps and remember if it doesnt feel right then get as much information to help you either become comfortable with the dr decision or to be able to make an informed one yourself!!! good luck xxx
I am unsure why you have been told you need a ceasar. How bad was your tearing with baby number 1. I also had a big baby 9 pound 7. He ended up being born with forceps as he turned at the last minute but I still did not have bad tearing and have not been told that next time I would need a ceasar even though I have been told that the next baby could be bigger. I am just curious as too why they will not allow you to birth naturally.

Not sure about VBACs but I have had 2 cs and they are really not that bad. Both mine were with epidurals so I was awake during. It was great as I got to see my bubs as soon as they were out and I got skin to skin with both straight after they were checked out and while they were finishing my surgery. It is scary to think about it but when your there all you think about is your baby and hearing the first cry.

You can have a general anaesthetic but they don't do it routinely so would have to check with your OB as they carry more risk. As for the IV they left mine in until I was out of bed and had been to wee. So around 24hrs. It really didn't bother me much as it wasn't attatched to anything so I could move around fine.

It is up to you what you want to do but you will have to find an OB who will do it and hospital policy will determine your IV. I recovered really well with both mine and very minimal pain. DD1 i was in for 4nights and DD2 3 nights.

All I wanted to say was if you do have a CS think about having an epidural because you miss so much when your under and you will be in recovery for longer without your bub and feel a lot worse after a general (tired and groggy). If you can overcome your fears it will be worth it smile.

I was told i had 4 degree tearing and if i had next bub natural i would tear worse then before..... I spoke to my doc and she said no natural would be fine but she is not my OBGYN she is my general doc... All a bit confusing thought i would try get as much info as possible......I have to be pregnant first before i star to worry properly.
Thanks for all the advice....
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