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C section date? Lock Rss

At what appointment did they book your planed c section?

I have had 2 emergency c sections so I am now having a planed one to avoid health issues ect.
They said 39 weeks is what they will aim for to avoid going into labour.

I just had my 28 week appointment this past Monday so will they tell me soon what date I will have bubs or do I have to wait until my last couple of appointments???
i am 28 weeks, and have had an emergency ceaserean with my daughter, and i too, have planned to have another ceaseran to avoid complications. my doctors have already told me that they will be doing around 38 weeks (10 weeks to go)
maybe just asked your doctors or midwife, they should be able to tell you.
one of my girlfriends who is the same amount of weeks pregnant as me- 35weeks, got her date on the 32 week appt and it was just changed on her 35week appt due to GD and moved her forward a week. she is public...not sure if you are too

Yeah my friend found out her c-section date at 35wks too. I think they try to wait until a bit closer so they have a better idea who's on, who's off, holidays, etc.. She is public as well smile

DS - Nov 2008 & DD - Feb 2012

I'm 33 weeks and just got my date yesterday.
Ok well I will ask at my next appointment then smile
i got my elective date at 36week appt, had her at 39 weeks. goodluck smile
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