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c/section baby no.2 Lock Rss

I had an elective c section first time around, myself and ob felt it was the best decision for me. That was privately but i will now be going thru the public system for next baby.

Anyway I'll be wanting another c section this time around but do you know if they will allow it or are they going to push for me to go natural???? do i have a right to choose????
HI lulu13, I had an emergency c section for my first in a public hospital. For my second I was given a choice whether or not to go for a natural birth or have an elective c section because of my previous c section. The hospital should give you the choice.
You don't have the right to choose in the public system however I believe most obs. will let you choose as a VBAC delivery has a slightly higher risk and I mean slightly, however so does a caesar!

My second was breech, so I had an elective Caesar and even though I have changed hospitals I am stillgiven the choice of natural or caesar.

My third was meant to be a c-sec. just by choice as my previous was c-sec. However she came early and ended up being a home birth.

I am still given the choice with no. 4 if I want a caesar or natural and from what i've heard from others, you will be given the choice if you've previously had a caesar.

However many will try to convince you to try VBAC.

I think it may depend on the state you are in?

I am in QLD and my first was emergency c-section.

My 2nd I asked for a c-section and they agreed, no questions asked!

My 3rd I had placenta previa so no choice but a c-section.

All were public hospitals.

Mr J (April 2005) Miss Z (Feb 2007) and Miss O (Oct 2010)

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