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elective caesar...but Lock Rss

Hi all,
I had a csect with ds1 because he was breech. I'm booked to have a csect 30th Jan with #2,which has been my choice. Our baby girl is head down and engaged.
I have been told that if I go into labour before I need to go straight to hospital and I will be given the choice to either continue naturally and try a vbac or they will take me to theatre for my csection.
How many of u have gone into labour early,and what did u do?

You have an exciting week coming up!

My DS was breech too so I had an elective cs. My DD was head down and I was really undecided whether to have a VBAC or not. I was scared as it was unknown etc but I didnt want to the inconvenience from having a cs - no driving, not being able to pick up DS or do much at all etc. I never felt like I had missed out not having a natural birth like some ppl do as long as the baby came out and was healthy was all that worried me.

In the end I was actually leaning towards having another cs when I went into labour by myself at 38+3! I had to go straight to the hospital too and the midwives said 'Are you going to try for a VBAC - good on you etc', I said no I was still deciding what to do, 'what do you think?' they actually said why dont you give it a go and if things aren't progressing then you will have to have a cs anyway.

I'm pretty laid back anyway so thought why not. The only thing my OB insisted was that I had an epidural incase I needed to go into theatre so we wouldn't have to wait for an anethetist - I was happy to as I wanted one anyway.

In the end I had a VBAC and it was actually fine, I dont know what I was so scared about looking back. The recovery was so much easier and even hubby has said the same.

So try not to stress and consider giving it a go, the recovery is so much easier especially when you already have a little one smile
Gee! what is it with all these boys being breech, yet our girls seem to come out the right way! (I know it's not always the case)

I was induced with DD1 due to medical reasons!

Had an elective caesar as DS was breech!

I was meant to have an elective caesar with DD2 but went into labour early and was not really given the choice! When DF rang the hospital(time and time again) they kept saying, No, don't come in yet!" No matter how many times he explained the situation.
At 8:30 am he rang again and and a new midwife was on duty. She said, "you'd better get her here immediately!"
He then explianed to her that my contractions were less than 2 mins. apart and we were aroud 20 min. drive from that hospital(didn't like the local) but it would actually take closer to an hour as there was still peak hour traffic heading in that direction.
She then told him, "you'd better call an ambulance!"

So we ended up having an all natural homebirth!

Was no-where near as bad as I had expected. My only issue was feeling a little uneasy as it wasn't meant be this way! I had not had many of the usual checks and scans as everyone expected me to have a caesar. I had no idea what position this baby was in!

I had a great recovery from mt caesar with DS. If anything it was my best recovery! It was pretty good with DD2 aswell but DD1 was by far the worst.
She came out sucking her thumb and sliced me all the way out with her fingernails! Took them over an hour to stitch me up and I was very sore afterwards.

I wish u luck I don't think there would ve much worse then not knowing what to do, with dd I was in labour for 3 days ugh horrible then both myself and her became stressed and tired and was taken in for an emergency Cesar however I believe I would have had a normal birth if it wasn't for the horrible midwives I had at the start anyway this time I have chosen a different hospital who is encourging me and supporting me all the way with a vbac there are more successful stories then you think and for me I'm so excited for a natural birth (ask me afterwards tho lol) so I say go for it if ur comfortable and if things don't progress just go for a c section anyway good luck !!
My DS was born by elective c-section due to him being breech. I tried for VBAC with my daughter, she was 10 days over cooked and well an truly engaged. But because of the scar tissue from my previous c-section her labour failed to progress and I ended up having an emergency c-section. I had an elective c-section with my third. There was no way I was going to even try for vbac with her. If you go into labour early and you feel it's all going nicely I suppose you can keep going with a vag birth. I was told with my third that if I went into to early labour to get to the hospital asap for an emergency c-section. Wish you luck. I'm all for trying for VBAC.
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