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Operating Table Dilema Lock Rss

I have a problem when I'm on the operating table, when they tilt the bed backwards I feel like the pressure of the baby on my lungs is suffocating me sad
I thought with DD1 I was panicked because it was an emergency but when I had DS2 I felt the same way and the nurse wanted to sedate me because I kept telling her I cant breath (I felt heavy chested and a bit claustrophobic with the screen in front of me)...... I also hated the oxygen on my face made it feel worse but she kept saying your breathing is fine just relax.....
I'm now due to have DS3 in May and from the time I found out I was pregnant I've been thinking of what's to come.... I'm carrying high and already feel out of breath dont know how Im going to cope on the table and I do not want a general as I'd like to see and bond with my baby soon after birth.....
Has anyone had the same experience or have any suggestions of how to keep calm and relaxed, also if there is anything I can take before the surgery?
Thanks in advance.....

Mom of Andraya - 24.04.04 and Miguel - 05.05.08

Rescue Remedy is always great:)
I had that happen to me when I had my emergency c-section.
When they got my DS out and took him for his check ups, I couldn't see him and couldn't hear him crying. It had been a very long day, I'd only had about 3 hours of sleep in 48hrs and I knew my bub was getting distressed in my tummy. I had no sensation up to my chest because of the epidural and had a bit of a reaction to it and my arms were shaking really badly like I was having a seizure.
I clearly remember my thought process when I started having trouble breathing. At first I thought - crap, I hope I'm not having a pulmonary embolism - I looked at the screen and my oxygen level was 98% so I knew it wasn't that. I had my oxygen mask on but it felt like I wasn't getting enough air when I was breathing. I was breathing really quickly. That's when I realised that I was having a panic attack. I told my anaesthetist and asked him to turn the oxygen up a little bit. That didn't help so I actually took the mask off. One of the nurses also went and got my DH who was taking pics of DS. He sat next to me and held my hand and I just concentrated on slowing my breathing down. I think because I knew what was happening I was able to calm myself down.
Definitely speak to your midwife.
Thank you all for the replies, will definitely talk to my midwife about it... I didn't ask the last time because I thought it was panic from having it in an emergency but now I know its not I need to sort it out before I get in there.....
DH thinks I'm just being a drama queen, wish he would carry this baby and feel what its like lying there helpless in a panic.

Mom of Andraya - 24.04.04 and Miguel - 05.05.08

It could simply be anxiety (only you will be able to tell) from the stress of preparing for the birth, being pregnant and now the baby is finally coming you just get a bit overwhelmed. but if you think it is more than that then you definately should talk to your doctor and midwife about it.
I think you're right, its probably anxiety that causes the panic attacks..... I'm a bit worried about trying out medication on the day if it will work or make me sick or react with the epidural..... will talk to my midwife at my next appointment and ask if I can trial something before I have the op.

Thanks again for your replies, good to know that someone else can relate and also has helpful advice.

Mom of Andraya - 24.04.04 and Miguel - 05.05.08

hi, when I sat up on the bed to get the spinal done I started hyperventaliating and I was breathing so quick because I was freaking out, I was fine until I walked into theater and sat ont he bed. My midwife was great she came and stood infront of me put her hands on my shoulders and said breath and breathed with me to calm me down cause the anasthesies were getting worried. I did feel uncomfortable on teh table especially as DD was stuck up under my ribs and the anesthesias had to help them by putting two hands under my bust and pushing that was very uncomfortable. I also felt so yuk from being awake while open on the table I couldnt concentrate on my baby and husband I had to turn away and talk to the anesthesiast and have a full on coversation to try and keep my mind of it while my husband was sitting there holding bubs and going over to her on table taking photos cutting cord etc.

One of the weirdst feelings was afterwards when they were cleaning me up to move to other bed and I sat up a bit to look at the nurses who were left in the room and I saw my legs in the air because they still felt to me like they were on the table!!!!!!!!!!!! that was a very weird feeling one I dont think I will ever forget lol

If I was you I would mention it to midwife as she may be able to come in with you and stay at your head and help you with breathing etc and talk to you to get you through it. Also tell the antesthiesest that you felt this way last 2 times and they will try to keep you occupied, they normally try to use a bit of humour from what I experienced.

good luck
I think Im seriously starting to freak out as the weeks get closer and it wont help me on the day..... I always felt tilted on the table with all the weight on me but DH just confirmed I was flat on my back and table wasnt raised at all ..... definitely anxiety and panic attacks sad

Will talk to my midwife at the next visit and hope we can sort out a plan that will keep me calm until then and maybe that will help the situation.

Thanks for your replies will let you know what my midwife recommends.

Mom of Andraya - 24.04.04 and Miguel - 05.05.08

I had an emergency c-section, but my epi numbed me from the neck down, so I didn't feel any pressure. As I've only got 1 child I'm not sure if this is the norm or not, so not sure if my reply is a gr8 help.
Other thing is that you can see a therapist about the anxiety. I use to have anxiety attacks, but seeing a therapist taught me how to cope with them, or even learning breathing techniques is a huge help in controlling the panic/anxiety.
I had this badly when I had my emergency c-section so i just wanted to say that i feel for you. Once my baby was out they put me right under so then i only remember waking and by then i was tilted up slightly.
Thank you for sharing with me...... I read up on the internet and it said that the anaesthetic can affect the chest wall and give the temporary sensation of difficulty breathing... this helps me a lot and makes me think that its not just anxiety but a side effect of the epidural which I hope they have a solution for, will know in 2 weeks I'm hoping my midwife can give me the answers I'm looking for,I don't want to wait until I'm referred to the hospital to see a specialist for the op date and review.

Mom of Andraya - 24.04.04 and Miguel - 05.05.08

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