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TTC#2 after a cesarean Lock Rss

Hi all,

I would like to know, when is it a good time to try to conceive for the second time after having a cesarean, I mean in terms of health for mom and baby.

glad you ask this question so going to ask the same thing sorry i am no help just curious on the answers
Ive been told to wait at least a year after csection to let the scar heal well, but optimal time is 2 years between pregnancies. If you're planning for a VBAC, the longer the better.

In saying that, thats what THEY say. Some women have fallen pregnant 6 months or less after a csection, and then had a natural birth with no complications. The risks would be higher though.
My Dr told me it's safe to start trying 9 months after the previous delivery, he said the scar is healed pretty well by then smile
My ob actually never gave me a time to wait.. Only the 6 weeks of No Sex after the operation.
I conceived 9 mths after my first and now it's been 2 years since then and we have conceived again.
Personally i suffered from alot of infections with my wound so i did wait until i was healed properly before we tried for our second other than that i was fine


Hmm good question. I don't actually know the answer.

My DS will be 2 in July and we'll start TTC in May. We've left it a bit longer as I really want to try VBAC so have been working on getting fit and healthy.

My obs told me to wait 18mths before ttc. I have also read that the best time in terms of primal conditions for new baby (I.e., full maternal recovery) is between 18 and 22 months (for conception). New studies have demonstrated a higher risk of complications for the baby when attempting vbac- however it is still very low. I too hope to have vbac next time. Good luck!
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